Gameday Preview: Game 38 Phillies at Cubs

The Phillies look to continue this nice refreshing winning streak tonight in Chicago against the Cubs at 8:05 Pm EST.

Don’t look now but the Phillies only find themselves five games out of first place.

Vance Worley was supposed to start this evening but he did not even make the trip with team to Chicago because of elbow soreness so we get the lovely opportunity to see Kyle Kendrick pitch tonight. Just shoot me now.

Vance Worley has been put on the 15 day disabled list because of elbow inflammation.

Kyle Kendrick is 0-3 on the season and has an ERA of 7.32 which is just horrid. I cringe every time I see Kendrick take the hill so this should be a really fun night. So just prepare for some upcoming losses with Kendrick on the mound.

Matt Garza who is the only Cubs pitcher worth a penny will pitch tonight, he is 2-1 on the season and has an ERA of 2.56. The first time the Phillies faced him this year at Citizens Bank Park they were shutout and could only muster up one hit, ten Phillies hitters struck out that night in what was a pretty feeble effort.

This Cubs lineup is just piss poor from top down, Chad Qualls could probably get these hitters out.

Let’s hope Chad Qualls is not used tonight but he probably will be so I should just hide all of the breakable objects in my house right now.

Weather at game time tonight in the windy city.







Go Phillies! 

Phillies Lineup (18-19)

1.Rollins SS
2. Pierre LF
3. Victorino CF
4. Pence RF
5. Ruiz C
6. Polanco 3B
7. Mayberry 1B
8. Galvis 2B
9. Kendrick P

Cubs Lineup (15-21)

1. DeJesus RF
2. Campana CF
3. Castro SS
4. LaHair 1B
5. Soriano LF
6. Stewart 3B
7. Soto C
8. Barney 2B
9. Garza P

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Gameday Preview: Game 37 Phillies vs Astros

The Philadelphia Phillies finish the series against the Houston Astros this afternoon at 1:05 Pm EST. After today’s game the Phillies take a two-day vacation to Chicago to play the Cubs.

These next three games for the Phillies are very important because they are playing very sub par ball clubs and need to secure wins against teams like these.

Cliff Lee will make his second start this afternoon since coming off of the disabled list. Cliff Lee again will search for his first win on the season this afternoon. Even though Lee doesn’t have a win he sure has pitch well enough to have one as he has a 2.17 ERA on the season.

It is very unlikely we even play this game today as you see the weather report down below but let’s hope for the best.







Go Phillies!

Phillies Lineup (17-19)

1. Rollins SS
2. Pierre LF
3. Victorino CF
4. Pence RF
5. Polanco 3B
6. Mayberry 1B
7. Galvis 2B
8. Schneider C
9. Lee P

Gameday Preview: Game 34 Phillies vs Padres

I guess the key to the Phillies victories is me not watching the games, so someone come into my house and please take all of the tv’s out of my house.

Just for your information I will not be able to watch tonight’s game so the Phillies will win again.

Okay enough of that stupidity

The Phillies look to win game two of this three game series tonight at 7:05 Pm EST against the San Diego Padres.

Last night featured some offense and the bullpen for once did not blow the freaking game, it’s a miracle. The bullpen was able to pitch three scoreless innings in relief of Vance Worley who got hit just a tad bit last night. I really thought that our bullpen could never be able to throw three scoreless innings but they somehow pulled a rabbit out of their ass and worked some magic.

Roy Halladay will take the hill for the Phillies this evening, Halladay has had some rough outings as of late and it really is saddening me. Doc has received a no decision in his past two outings, has that ever happen before? I don’t recall Halladay having two no decisions in a row since joining the Phillies until now.

Edinson Volquez will start for the Padres.

Since Velocity has been a big storyline this year for Halladay here is his velocity in the past years.

The Phillies have made more roster moves. Mike Fontenot has been called up to the big club. There has been a ton of roster moves this week and my small brain is beginning to hurt because of it.

This game will be televised on CSN, 1210 WPHT for radio.

Weather at game time tonight in South Philadelphia.





Go Phillies!

Phillies Lineup (15-18)

1. Rollins SS

2. Polanco 3B

3. Victorino CF

4. Pence RF

5. Wigginton 1B

6. Ruiz C

7. Mayberry LF

8. Galvis 2B

9. Halladay P


Gameday Preview: Game 31 Phillies vs Mets, Please keep me Sane

Happy Tuesday.

After last nights horrible 5-2 loss the Phillies are right back at it this evening to play game two of this three game series against the New York Mets, first pitch around 7:05 Pm EST.

Last nights game was one of those game where you finish the whole bottle of rum off, when Roy Halladay is on the mound you just don’t expect him to walk away from a game with a no decision. You also don’t expect your 50 billion dollar closer to give up a three run home run to a guy that has never hit a home run in the major leagues, let alone a hit. Anything that could go bad for the Phillies last night went bad, the good thing about this sport is that there is always a game the next day.

That guy who hit the home run last night was Jordany Valdespin, and yes he is the starting lineup tonight.

The Phillies bats were hitting the balls hard in the first couple of innings but after that the bats went into hibernation and could never push across another run.

The Phillies are going to keep all of the bars in business at this rate.

Joe Blanton will take the hill for the Phillies tonight and in his last performance he probably pitched the best of any Phillies pitcher so far this season, the Phillies also really needed that outing from him. Last time out for Blanton he pitched a three hit shutout in Atlanta, the Phillies lost the night before in eleven innings so the Phillies really needed an outing like this because the bullpen was on their last leg. Phillies got the win that day and the bullpen was granted a much-needed rest.

Veteran righty Miguel Batista will pitch for the Mets, over his eighteen year major league career he has been on twelve different ball clubs. Career record of 101-113 and an ERA of  4.49 in his lengthy career.

A cool rainy 60 degrees around game time tonight at Citizens Bank Park, 50 percent chance of rain at game time.

This game is not on ESPN tonight so I will not get blacked out, ESPN just has horrible announces, and they like to have make out sessions with a certain player throughout the game. Especially if your name is Bryce Harper. If you had to take a shot of tequila every time ESPN mentioned Bryce Harper’s name you would probably die quickly of Alcohol poisoning.

And on that very positive note the picture down below represents my reaction tonight if the Phillies lose. I apologize to my house.

Go Phillies!

Go Flyers!

Go Sports!

Phillies lineup (14-16)

1. Rollins SS

2. Pierre LF

3. Victorino CF

4. Pence RF

5. Ruiz C

6. Polanco 3B

7. Mayberry 1B

8. Orr 2B

9. Blanton P

New York Mets (16-13)

1. Torres CF

2. Nieuwenhuis LF

3. Wright CF

4. Duda RF

5. Murphy 2B

6. Davis 1B

7. Valdespin

8. Nickeas C

9. Batista

Phillies please win this game so you can save the city from jumping off the bridge

Gameday Preview: Game 27 Phillies at Nationals

Can You feel the Natitude? I sure don’t.

The Philadelphia Phillies begin a three game weekend series this evening at 7:05 Pm EST against the first place Washington Nationals, yes I can’t believe I typed that but the Nationals are actually in first place but remember folks it is still way to early in the season to even take a glance at the standings.

We will see if the Nats can actually take back their park this weekend, my guess no not even close but there bringing the punch with their Natitude.

Kyle Kendrick will start for the Phillies, normally this is Cliff Lee’s spot but Lee is still trying to get better, Lee should be back in the starting rotation next week. Kendrick is searching for his first win on the season as he is 0-2 and has an ERA of 6.59 in his 13.2 innings of work. He has been hit around in his starts.

The Phillies will have the tough task of facing Stephen Strasburg tonight, Strasburg on the year has a record of 2-0 and a pretty impressive 1.13 ERA. This will be a tough one tonight for the Phils

This game will be televised on TCN and the MLB Network, 1210 WPHT for radio.

I will not be at the game tonight, but it sure should be a great atmosphere at Nationals Park.

80 degrees at game time tonight with scattered thunderstorms around the area, 40 percent chance of rain.

Go Phillies!

Phillies Lineup (13-13)

1. Rollins SS

2. Pierre LF

3. Polanco 3B

4. Pence RF

5. Victorino CF

6. Nix 1B

7. Ruiz C

8. Orr 2B

9. Kyle Kendrick P

Gameday Preview: Game 23 Phillies vs Cubs

The Philadelphia Phillies play the final game of this home stand tonight at 7:05 Pm EST against the Chicago Cubs, the Phillies will look to take two games from this four game series.

Hopefully the Phillies can muster up more than two hits this evening and not frustrate the living hell out of me like they did yesterday.

If you’re going to watch this game you might as well drink a little bit, no not just a little bit you might want to drink a lot because this offense is pretty feeble. The more drinks in you the better. The strategy is that you get so drunk you forget to watch the game and you just pass out, if you try to watch this offense without a drink you might break a remote or something valuable so I suggest the first option.

Would you rather be drunk or sober watching this Phillies offense wale away at pitches out of the strike zone?

The Phillies send Vance Worley out to pitch tonight, Worley has a 2-1 record this season and has an ERA of 2.16.

The Phillies will face Cubs righty Chris Volstad, he is searching for his first win on the campaign.

This game will be televised on CSN, 1210 WPHT for radio.

60 degrees at game time tonight with a 10 percent chance of rain.

Go Phillies!

Phillies Lineup (10-12)

1. Rollins SS

2. Polanco 3B

3. Victorino CF

4. Pence RF

5. Wigginton 1B

6. Nix LF

7. Ruiz C

8. Orr 2B

9. Worley P

Cubs Lineup (8-14)

1. DeJesus RF

2.  Campana CF

3. Castro SS

4. LaHair 1B

5. Soriano LF

6. Stewart 3B

7. DeWitt 2B

8.  Soto C

9. Volstad P

Gameday Preview: Game 19 Phillies vs Diamondbacks

Please get me back home, I have been in way too many hotels on this west coast trip. Some really good and others sadly really poor, but we get to go home after today.

Cole Hamels will take the hill for the Phillies today at 3:40 Pm EST against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

This is the final game of the west coast trip and if the Phillies can pull out victory this afternoon they would go .500 on road trip. A couple of days ago that did not look possible at all.

The Phillies offense will have to face Trevor Cahill, Cahill has a career record of 41-36. Prior to joining the Diamondbacks this year he spent his first three years of his major league career with the Oakland Athletics.

This game will be televised on TCN, 1210 WPHT for radio.

Another hot day in Phoenix today as the high is 93 degrees this afternoon.

Go Phillies!

Phillies Lineup (8-10)

1. Pierre LF

2. Polanco 3B

3. Victorino CF

4. Pence RF

5. Nix 1B

6. Orr 2B

7. Ruiz C

8. Galivs SS

9. Hamels P

Arizona Diamondbacks (9-9)

1. Bloomquist SS

2. Hill 2B

3. Upton RF

4. Kubel LF

5. Ransom 3B

6. Goldschmidt 1B

7. Pollock CF

8.  Blanco C

9. Cahill P

Gameday Preview: Game 18 Phillies vs Diamondbacks

The Philadelphia Phillies look to shake off this three game losing skid tonight at Chase Field in Phoenix Arizona against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Phillies will hopefully look to score some runs earlier tonight then last night, the Phillies were shutout and embarrassed until they put together a five run ninth inning last night that included back to back home runs and the first home run with runners on base for the Phillies this year.

The Phillies offense is really making these hack pitchers look like Cy Young’s these past couple of games.

Vance Worley will take the hill for the Phillies tonight and hopefully he pitches a shutout tonight to help this offense, Worley is 1-1 on the year and he picked up that first victory last Thursday in San Diego when he pitched a shutout and the Phillies somehow scored some runs.

The powerful run producing Phillies offense will face Diamondbacks righty Josh Collmenter tonight, Collmenter has started 27 games in his two-year career and has a record of 10-11 an ERA of 3.89. The Phillies offense will probably make him look like an All Star.

This game will be televised on CSN, 1210 WPHT for radio

It is 92 degrees in Phoenix today and a 0 percent chance of rain tonight, the roof will likely be open.

Go Phillies!

Phillies Lineup (7-10)

1. Pierre LF

2. Orr 2B

3. Rollins SS

4. Pence RF

5. Victorino CF

6. Wigginton 3B

7. Nix 1B

8. Schneider  C

9. Worley P

Arizona Diamondbacks (9-8)

1. Parra CF

2. Hill 2B

3. Upton RF

4. Montero C

5.  Kubel LF

6. Goldy 1B

7. Ransom 3B

8. Bloomquist SS,

9. Collmenter P

Gameday Preview: Phillies vs New York Mets

The Phillies will try to get back to their winning ways this afternoon at Citizens Bank Park against the New York Mets at 4:05 Pm Eastern Time. The Phillies dropped the first game of the series last night when Cliff Lee gave up some early runs in the first inning off of two doubles to start off the game and a Jason bay big fly later in the first inning, the Phillies offense could not fight off the early deficient.

Vance Worley will take the hill for the Phillies this afternoon, Worley was charged with a no decision last Sunday in Pittsburgh after he pitched very well on Easter. Worley could not get any run support like all of the Phillies pitchers through the first four games of the season but the Phillies offense has been scoring some runs since then so lets see what happens.

The Phillies offense will have to face Lefty Jon Niese, Niese has pitched in the majors five seasons and has a career record of 23-23, has a career ERA of 4.40. Just a week ago Jon Niese signed a five-year $25.5 million dollar contract that has two team options with it and at the end of all of this the contract could be worth nearly 46 million. This is a lot for an unproven pitcher but we are talking about the Mets.

Mets pitchers have 10 or more Ks in five straight games, the longest consecutive streak since April 15-April 20, 1990.

It is supposed to be 72 degrees and a 10 percent chance of rain today in South Philly, beautiful day.

This game will be televised on CSN, 1210 WPHT for radio.

Phillies Lineup (3-4)

1. Victorino CF

2. Polanco 3B

3. Rollins SS

4. Pence RF

5. Mayberry LF

6. Wigginton 1B

7. Galvis 2B

8. Schneider C

9. Worley P

New York Mets Lineup (5-2) 

1. Tejada SS

2. Murphy 2B

3. Wright 3B

4. Davis 1B

5. Bay LF

6. Duda RF

7. Nieuwenhuis CF

8. Thole C

9. Niese P

Gameday Preview: Phillies vs Pittsburgh Pirates

Good Morning everyone and Happy Easter here from the West Coast.

I’m sorry I won’t have a game recap after today’s series finale today because I will be at my other families house probably playing croquet and shooting the shit for a while.

The Philadelphia Phillies play the Pittsburgh Pirates this afternoon in the series finale at PNC Park in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Both teams have split the first two games of the series.

Vance Worley looks to have some swagger momentum from last year as he takes the hill today for the Phillies, Worley went 12-4 last year as a Phillies starter and was one of those great surprises for this team a season ago.

James McDonald will toe the rubber for the Pittsburgh Pirates, McDonald comes into this game with a career record of 18-20 and an ERA of 4.04. Before joining the Pirates Mcdonald was with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Jim Thome and Juan Pierre both score a spot in the lineup today, there first starts of the year. Freddy Galvis will try again today to get his first Major League hit.

It’s supposed to be a high of 62 today with some wind in Pittsburgh, 20 percent chance of rain.

Should be a wonderful game three of the series if the Phillies can get some offensive production started, if not then it’s not going to be a very Happy Easter.

Everybody enjoy their day and Lets Go Phillies.

Phillies Lineup

1. Pierre LF

2. Victorino CF

3. Rollins SS

4. Pence RF

5. Thome 1B

6. Wigginton 3B

7. Galvis 2B

8. Schneider C

9. Worley

Pirates Lineup

1. Presley LF

2. Tabata RF

3. McCutchen CF

4. Walker 2B

5. Jones 1B

6. Barmes SS

7. Alverez 3B

8. McKenry C

9. McDonald