Phillies in Prime Time

Yes the title is correct, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Washington Nationals have been picked as the Sunday Night game on the lovely ESPN network. Now obviously when they had to pick these games way before the season began they thought that Ryan Howard and Chase Utley would be in the lineup, also that Ryan Zimmerman would be playing out there for the Washington Nationals but all three will not due to injuries.

What ESPN has now is a Washington team that is playing some pretty good ball and a Philadelphia Phillies team that has a very embarrassing offense as of late that is not very consistent. So the whole United States can see the Phillies offense wale and wale away at pitches out of the strike zone tomorrow night in a prime time slot on Sunday night.

In the first two games of this series against the Washington Nationals the Phillies have produced the opening runs but in both games the Nationals came back and won, yesterdays game was a little more lopsided then friday nights game where the Nationals won the game on a walk off single in the bottom of the eleventh inning and then started celebrating like they won the world series, this series is actually there world series for the year I guess you could say.

The whole world can see all of the Natitude the Nationals have in them Sunday night, it just seems like the Nationals care more about blocking the Phillies fans out of their ball park then actually winning these games. We will see if this team will last till September but the Nationals fans are celebrating like it’s late in the season.


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