Phillies Lose in Extra Innings 1-0, Head to San Diego

It was a pitching duel tonight in the bay area at AT&T park, both Cliff Lee and Matt Cain pitched a full nine innings scoreless, both were working extremely fast, If you went to the bathroom you would have missed the whole inning because both of these pitchers were working so fast.

The Phillies had only two hits through the first nine innings, the Giants only had five hits through the first nine innings. I was wondering with these two offenses at one point if either of these offense was ever going to push across a run.

Cliff Lee had only thrown 91 pitches in the game when he faced the second batter of the bottom of the tenth inning.

Matt Cain exited after pitching nine innings and only allowing four hits, he struck out four in a great performance that lived up to that big contract the Giants gave him earlier this season. Cain retired the last 13 batters he faced on the night.

The first team to one run won the game and that team was unfortunately the Giants tonight, the Phillies took out Cliff Lee for Jim Thome who pinch hit in the top of the eleventh inning with Carlos Ruiz at in scoring postion at third base, the Phillies would not get a run out of the opportunity. Charlie Manuel brought in Antonio Bastardo for the bottom of the eleventh inning and he would allow the winning run home on a RBI single, the Phillies may have gotten out of the inning if  third basemen Ty Wigginton could have controlled the ball cleanly and throw it to second to start a double play but instead the ball played him and the Phillies were unable to get any outs on the play, next batter was Melky Cabrera and he hit the RBI single to win the game for the Giants.

The only positive on offense tonight for the Phillies was Freddy Galvis extended his hitting streak to eight games in the top of the third.

With this loss the Phillies fall to 5-7 and sit alone in last place in the National League East Standings, this is the first time since April 21st of 2007 the Phillies are in last place.

This game really sucks because Cliff Lee pitched a phenomenal ball game tonight but had no offense to back him up and again he leaves the ballpark searching for his first win of the season. It was a great pitching duel all night long but this loss really sucks.

This was the fastest eleven inning game I ever witnessed in my short life of being a baseball fan.

The Phillies next game is tomorrow night at 10:05 Pm EST in San Diego California, the Padres have a beautiful ballpark down there and tomorrow morning I will be heading out to San Diego for the weekend to go to all four games of the Phillies series. If you’re a Phillies fan and you live near San Diego or you live back in Philly, San Diego is the perfect place to go see the Fightin Phils play, the weather is always wonderful and Petco Park is right downtown in the gaslamp district where there is a ton of restaurants and bars. Plus there is always a ton of Phillies fans that come out to the game.

Vance Worley will take the hill for the Phillies tomorrow night in Southern California.

Me After the game


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Game 12: Phillies Vs Giants

The Phillies play the final game of this three game series tonight in San Francisco at AT&T park against the Giants before they head to San Diego to face off against the Padres in a four game weekend series.

The Phillies look to take the series tonight and  put last nights painful game behind them, the Phillies had there opportunities to take the series last night and win the first two games of this ten game road trip but the Phillies could just not get those clutch hits they needed, by the end of the game the Phillies stranded 19 runners. The Phillies at one time last night had the bases loaded and no outs but could only come out of the inning with one run, those baserunners haunted the Phillies in a 4-2 lose.

Cliff Lee takes the hill tonight for the Phillies and he looks to get his first win of the season, Lee in his first two appearances of the year has an ERA of 3.46 and a record of 0-1. In his first start of the year in Pittsburgh against the Pirates he pitched pretty well but he could not get any offensive support, in his second start of the year at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia he got rocked in the first inning by the Mets and the Phillies could never recover.

Phillies offense will have to face Matt Cain tonight, Cain in his two appearances this year has an ERA of 3.00 and one win, he also has a lot of cash to. Cain signed a $127.5 million dollar extension with the Giants earlier this season. So lets hope the money ways him down and this Phillies offense can mustered up some clutch hits tonight in the bay area.

Shane Victorino has a 10 game hitting streak coming into tonight.

This game will be televised on TCN, 1210 WPHT for radio.

57 degrees at game time tonight with a ten percent chance of rain, 12 mph winds WNW

Lets Go Phillies 

Phillies Lineup (5-6)

1. Pierre LF

2. Victorino CF

3. Rollins SS

4. Pence RF

5. Wigginton 3B

6. Nix 1B

7. Ruiz C

8. Galvis 2B

9. Lee LHP

Giants Lineup (5-6)

1. Pagan CF

2. Cabrera LF

3. Sandoval 3B

4. Posey C

5.  Pill 1B

6. Theriot 2B

7. Schierholtz RF

8. Crawford SS

9.  Cain RHP

Clutch Hits Never Came for the Phillies Tonight

Phillies had many opportunities to score runs in this game but they just could not take advantage of those baserunners and the Giants even up the series with a 4-2 victory tonight.

Joe Blanton took the hill tonight for the Phillies and he just did not have that good stuff he had a week ago when he pitched an excellent game in the win at Citizens Bank Park. The Giants got to Blanton early and held the lead the rest of the game, Giants would chalk up two runs in the first inning  just three batters into the game. Blanton would allow another two runs in the bottom of the fifth inning. The Giants just jumped on Blanton like the Phillies jumped on Tim Lincecum last night in the first inning.

Kind of miss Roy Oswalt at this time, if Oswalt was still pitching for the Phillies Joe Blanton would not be in this rotation. The pitching rotation is much more dominant with Oswalt in it, Oswalt is still a free agent right now and will probably sign with a playoff contending team halfway through the season.

Blanton pitched five innings tonight and allowed four runs off of 11 hits.

The Phillies offense had a ton of opportunities in this ball game to take the lead or at least tie the game up but they just could not get any timely hits to push the runs home, in the top of the sixth inning the Phillies had the bases loaded with no outs and only could come out of the inning with one run off of Carlos Ruiz sacrifice fly to left field. Hunter Pence hit his second home of the year in the top of the fourth inning. Phillies would only mustered up two runs off of seven hits tonight. The alarming stat from this game was the 19 batters the Phillies left on base.

Phillies could have easily won this game if they would have gotten some clutch hits, but that would not be the case tonight and the Phillies drop one game under .500 again (5-6)

Phillies have now scored a total of 6 runs in 4 games started by a lefty this season.

Phillies used Kyle Kendrick and Michael Stutes out of the bullpen tonight and both of them pitched scoreless innings to try to keep the Phillies in the game and they did that. But the offense never helped them out.

Phillies next game is tomorrow night against the San Francisco Giants at 10:15 Pm EST, this is the final game of the series before the Phillies head to San Diego for a four game series. Cliff Lee will pitch for the Phillies and he will opposed by Matt Cain.

Injury Updates

Chase Utley is supposed to return to the ball club next week when the Phillies play the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix for a three game series before the Phillies head back home. Hopefully Chase Utley has some brand new legs.

Ryan Howard visited a wound specialist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital yesterday, still no timetable when he will return which is kind of frightening.

Placido Polanco got hit by a ball last night in his left elbow, he looked like he was in a lot of pain at the time but he remained in the ball game and was in the lineup tonight, after yesterdays game Polanco said he was fine.

Some Other Notes From The Bay Area

Hunter Pence hit the coke bottle way up in left field at AT&T park in batting practice this afternoon, gosh he is a really strong human specimen.

Gameday Preview: Phillies vs Giants

The Phillies look to win the first two games of this ten game western swing tonight at AT&T in San Francisco against the Giants. The Phillies scored five runs last night and when you give a pitcher like Roy Halladay some offensive support the game is pretty much over, that was exactly the case last night as Halladay went eight innings and only allowed 2 runs. That set it up for Closer Jonathan Papelbon to come in and shut the door and get the Phillies record back to .500, he would do just that and he would do it very smoothly in the ninth inning allowing no baserunners, Papelbon has now saved three games in as many opportunities. Halladay even batted home a run in the game, Is there a thing Roy Halladay can’t do? That is a hard question to answer.

Remember in spring training where they said Roy Halladay’s velocity was down? Yeah well he basically told those scouts to shove it with his 3-0 record so far on the season.

Joe Blanton will start for the Phillies tonight and he pitched pretty wonderful in his last outing at Citizens Bank Park a week ago, he earned the win and got his ERA down to 2.35. He has a 1-1 record on the season but that lose came in Pittsburgh when the Phillies used him out of the bullpen and he gave up the winning run.

The Phillies offense will have to face Giants lefty Madison Bumgarner, Bumgarner signed a six-year, $35.56 million contract extension on Monday. Bumgarner has only pitched four years in the major leagues and has a career record of 21-20. The Giants sure like locking up pitchers for a lot of money that have really not proved anything yet.

At first pitch tonight it will be 54 degrees in the bay area with a 10 percent chance of rain, 11 mph winds WNW.

Game is televised on TCN and the MLB Network, 1210 WPHT for radio.

So sit back and grab some coffee for this late night Phillies game out west.

Lets Go Phillies 

Phillies Lineup (5-5)

1. Victorino CF

2. Polanco 3B

3. Rollins SS

4. Pence RF

5. Wigginton 1B

6. Mayberry LF

7. Ruiz C

8. Galvis 2B

9. Blanton P

Giants Lineup (4-6)

1. Pagan CF

2. Cabrera LF

3. Sandoval 3B

4. Posey C

5. Huff 1B

6.  Schierholtz RF

7Crawford SS

8. Burriss 2B

9. Bumgarner

Injury Updates

While I was 408 miles away from the Phillies tonight in Anaheim California watching the Angels vs the exciting Athletics at Angel Stadium the Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. had some injury updates on Howard and Utley.

Ryan Howard visited a wound specialist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital this afternoon, we still do not have a timetable on when he returns but the healing process is supposedly going good. It just worries me that we have no timetable on this at all but maybe that is normal with this kind of injury, I’m no doctor so I really don’t know.

Chase Utley is still sipping margaritas in Arizona and hopefully getting some nice new knees. He is going to rejoin the team next week when the Phillies play the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix.

Phillies beat the Giants tonight 5-2 in San Francisco, Halladay improves to 3-0 on the season.

Phillies next game is tomorrow night against the Giants in San Francisco. Joe Blanton will pitch for the Phillies and he will be opposed by Madison Bumgarner.

Gameday Preview: Phillies vs Giants

The Phillies begin there 10 game west coast road trip tonight at 10:15 Pm EST  agianst the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park, this game is really late for my east coast friends so drink an energy drink or brew some coffee so you can stay up.

We have another fantastical pitching matchup tonight in the bay area, Roy Halladay will take on Tim Lincecum. Halladay has a perfect 2-0 record in his 2 starting appearances this year for the Phillies. Lincecum on the other hand is 0-1 in his two appearances this season for the Giants, is ERA is through the roof 12.91

The Giants and Phillies are very similar, they both try to beat you with pitching because there offense is not the greatest. So in this three game series you will probably see a lot of low scoring games but again anything can happen in baseball and any team on any night can just go out there and light it up. Hopefully the Phillies can light up the Bay Area tonight.

It is supposed to be a little chilly in San Francisco tonight as usual, 53 degrees at game time with a slight breeze and a zero percent chance of rain.

This game will be televised on TCN, 1210 WPHT for radio.

I won’t be able to watch the game tonight ):

Phillies Lineup (4-5)

1. Pierre LF

2. Polanco 3B

3.  Rollins SS

4. Pence RF

5. Victorino CF

6. Nix 1B

7. Ruiz C

8. Galvis 2B

9. Halladay P

San Francisco Giants (4-5)

1. Pagan CF

2. Cabrera RF

3. Sandoval 3B

4. Posey C

5. Huff LF

6. Belt 1B

7. Crawford SS

8. Burriss 2B

9. Lincecum P

A Look At The Phillies West Coast Trip

After the Phillies won a very crucial early game of the year 8-2 against the New York Mets today they boarded a plane for a long trip out west to San Francisco. This trip consists of ten games in ten days, three against the San Francisco Giants, four against the San Diego Padres, and three games against the Arizona Diamondbacks to conclude the trip.

This is a wonderful trip for me because I will be at Petco Park in San Diego for all four of those ball games, it seems like the Phillies always play great against the San Diego Padres because the Padres are basically a Triple A team

Chase Utley is supposed to rejoin the team at some point on this trip.

Here is how the road trip looks for the Phillies

Monday at San Francisco 10:15 Pm EST start. 

Roy Halladay vs Tim Lincecum

Tuesday at San Francisco 10:15 Pm EST Start

Joe Blanton vs Madison Bumgarner

Wednesday at San Francisco 10:15 Pm EST Start

Cliff Lee Vs Matt Cain

Thursday at San Diego 10:05 Pm EST Start

Vance Worley vs Joe Wieland

Friday at San Diego 10:05 Pm EST Start

 Cole Hamels vs Edinson Volquez

Saturday at San Diego 8:35 Pm EST Start

Roy Halladay vs Corey Luebke

Sunday at San Diego 4:05 Pm EST Start

Joe Blanton vs Anthony Bass

then a three game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks that following Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Contreras Activated

Phillies veteran reliever Jose Contreras was activated off of the disabled list right after todays Phillies 8-2 victory over the New York Mets. Contreras will be boarding the plane shortly with the Phillies for San Francisco where they start a 10 game road trip tomorrow night against Tim Lincecum and the Giants.

The 40-year-old right hander has not pitched a game in the major leagues since June 19th of last year, Contreas allowed five hits and four earned runs with seven strikeouts in five rehab appearances for the Clearwater Threshers.

With one player coming back this means one player must go, that player is Joe Savery. Savery was optioned down to triple A this afternoon. Savery in his 2.1 innings pitched this year with the Phillies only gave up one earned run.

Matt Cain’s Contract Hurts Phillies?

Pitcher Matt Cain who plays for the San Francisco Giants just got a huge payday, Cain on Monday signed a five-year extension worth $112.5 million and this contract has the potential of being a $126 million when it’s all said and done, this guy is now the highest paid right-handed pitcher in baseball. Matt Cain is really just a number two pitcher and is not worth this much money but this contract the Giants gave now sets a dangerous pre cursor for the Phillies.

I really don’t what the Giants are doing because Matt Cain is really not worth that much money. Cain has an overall win loss record of (69-73). Now how to you get paid 100 bazillion dollars when you have a losing career record in the Major Leagues? Are the Giants high or were they drunk when they made this deal? This contract really baffles me right now because they just threw a lot of bling bling to a guy that is basically a loser at the major league level. The Giants really have a worse offense then the Phillies right now so how are they even going to have money to do anything now or get a big bat at the trade deadline for a run at the playoffs? Whatever the case this hurts the Phillies and the Giants.

Cole Hamels is going to be a free agent at the end of the year and all spring long he is talking like he wants a gigantic contract worth more than he really is worth, somewhere up in the rage of a Cliff Lee type of contract, Cliff Lee is getting $120 million over five years plus a 2016 option, Let me tell you Cole Hamels in nowhere close to Cliff Lee in pitching.

Now Cole Hamels is going to want a contract that is more than Cain’s because Cole Hamels is by far the better pitcher, the Giants just went out there and screwed the Phillies and they screwed themselves at the same exact time. If the Phillies want to sign Cole Hamels now they are really going to have to cough up the big buck because you know Cole Hamels and his agent are going to drive the price up now. I would offer Cole Hamels the exact same contract the Giants gave Cain and if he doesn’t take it then you let the door hit him the way out, even offering the same contract has Matt Cain is way too big of a contract but the Phillies have but been in this situation now.

Hamels can’t possibly get paid less