Phillies Have Offense, Phillies win 7-1

All of that offensive worry the Phillies fans had going into tonight quickly vanished in the bottom of the third inning after each and every hit in the inning, the Phillies had a total of six hits in the inning and scored a whopping five runs. I was actually shocked and stunned when I was seeing it unfold in front of me. The third inning began with a Juan Pierre single and then a steal of second by Pierre, the hits would just keep coming in the inning after that. Polanco had a RBI single, Rollins had a RBI double and advanced to second on the throw, Pence would have a RBI single, Victorino would have a single, and finally Freddy Galvis finished the run fest with a double that scored two runs. Yes folks that all happened in the bottom of the third inning to basically give the Phillies the victory.

Roy Halladay pitched tonight for the Phillies and got into some trouble in the top of the first inning with the bases loaded and two outs, but Doc would get out of the inning without allowing a run. The only run the Miami Marlins would score off of Roy Halladay tonight was in the top of the second inning off of ground out RBI from the pitcher, the infield was playing back and that’s what allowed the run. But once you give the great pitchers a gigantic lead and the opposition doesn’t capitalise on early opportunities the fat lady starts singing, that was the case tonight with the Marlins. Marlins had chances to chalk up some runs on the board early in the ball game but could not get it done and once the Phillies had the offensive outburst of runs it was smooth sailing for Halladay in front of a sold out crowd at Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia.

Roy Halladay pitched seven innings tonight and only allowed one run off of five hits, struck out five. A lot of the outs tonight for Halladay were ground outs and little bloop pop flys. Halladay now has a record of 2-0 on this young season.

Chad Qualls and Michael Stutes both came out of the bullpen in relief tonight for the Phillies and both pitched scoreless innings to end the night happy for the Phillies faithful on a little bit of a chilly night in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Josh Johnson the ace of the staff for the Miami Marlins in his second start of the year again unraveled, Johnson only could get through 3.2 innings tonight and allowed 6 runs off of eleven Phillies hits. Johnson falls to (0-2) on the season and his ERA is through the roof.

It sure was not an expected sight to see this offensive explosion in the bottom of the third inning but it was sure fun to watch, hopefully we can have some more game like this. Phillies improve to (2-3) on the season. Phillies really needed this win badly and they accomplished it thank goodness, I was about to have a heart attack over here guys.

The Phillies fans were chanting “Freddy” Freddy” when he came up to bat in the third and he sure delivered for them,  “That’s the first time I’ve heard that many people yell my name. I was like, ‘Alright, I have to do something.’” That is what Freddy Galvis had to say about it after the game. Galvis had one hit tonight that scored two, so each of his first two hits of his major league career have both scored two runs each.

Phillies next game is tomorrow night against the Miami Marlins, this game is at 7:05 Pm Eastern Time at Citizens Bank Park. Joe Blanton will take the hill for the Phils.

Some Injury notes

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. spoke to the media today about some updates on Utley’s and Howard’s injuries before todays game.

Chase Utley is still in Arizona rehabbing his knees, we will know a lot more on his injuries when the Phillies head out west for there 10 game road trip next week. Hopefully they give Chase Utley some new knees out there in Arizona.

Ryan Howard is seeing a wound specialist tomorrow, the Phillies will know a lot more about the healing of his wound after tomorrows visit to the specialist.

Just Another Phillies Victory

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Phillies Lose Home Opener 6-2

It was a very windy home opener for the Phillies today at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, lots of hot dog wrappers blowing all over the field most of the game but it sure was wonderful seeing the Phillies playing at Citizens Bank Park again.

Cole Hamels obtained the honors to start the home opener for the Phillies this afternoon. Hamels got into some early trouble in the first inning when he allowed singles to the first two batters of the ball game, Hamels would get out of the jam and inning only allowing one run. Hamels allowed a run in the fourth inning after Hanley Ramirez stretched a single into a double to lead off the inning, the problem with Pierre in left field is he does not have a great arm, a player with a better arm may have been able to throw him out but nonetheless Hanley Ramirez is really fast. In the top of the fifth inning Omar Infante took Cole Hamels deep to left field even with the wind and put the Marlins up 3-0. Marlins would chalk up another run in the sixth inning off of a misplayed bunt when no one was covering first base and the ball scooted down the right field line and allowed the runner to third base and would eventually  score later in the inning, that would end the day for Hamels, Hamels would pitch 5.1 innings and allowed four runs off of eight hits and struck out nine in his 2012 season debut.

Hamels is a slow starter apparently: 1-4 with a 5.97 ERA in his last six season-opening starts. Philies are 3-6 in home openers at CB Park. This stat was via Todd Zolecki of

Joe Savery came out of the pen in the sixth inning in relief for Hamels, Omar Infante took Savery deep to left field in the top of the seventh inning for his second home run of the game, this home run was a line drive to left filed that landed in the front row. Savery would pitch 1.2 innings today and would allow one run off of one hit. The Phillies really needed a good outing from Savery because this Phillies bullpen was really heavily used over the past weekend, some relievers the Phillies could not use today. I would have never thought Omar Infante would hit two home runs in a game.

Phillies would also use David Herndon and Jonathan Papelbon in this ball game, Papelbon was used because he has not be given a lot of work thus far this season. Papelbon allowed a home run to the first batter he faced in the top of the ninth inning.

Phillies offense again was pretty lack luster through the first six innings and could not give Cole Hamels any run support, it always seems like when Hamels pitches the Phillies offense ceases up. Phillies produced there first runs of the ball game in the bottom of the seventh inning off of Freddy Galvis’s first Major League hit which was a double that scored two runs, a huge hit to get the Phillies some life and back into the game. That would be all of the runs the Phillies would mustered up today as they lose to the Miami Marlins 6-2

The only real postive affair that happen today was that Freddy Galvis finally got that first hit of his Major League career out of his way after three hitless games, he can now take a deep breath and just relax, Lets hope this sparks some great hitting from Galvis and the rest of the Phillies.

“It was good to see him, but I couldn’t put him in the lineup.” Charlie Manuel on Ryan Howard taking ground balls before todays Phillies game. We really need the big piece back in this lineup, quickly.

Phillies fall to a record of (1-3) on the season and now have lost three straight games, time to raise the red flag? Phillies have not started a season 1-4 since 2007 and lets hope Doc can pitch a shutout on Wednesday.

Phillies have tomorrow off and resume the series on Wednesday against the Marlins, a great pitching matchup for that game as Roy Halladay and Josh Johnson will face each other.

Phillies Lose Opening Series To Pirates

The Phillies again acquired the early lead at PNC Park in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania today off of a Hunter Pence RBI double down the left field line, Pence batted the only run in for the Phillies yesterday in the first inning also. Hunter Pence also hit the first home run of the year for the Phillies in the top of the fourth inning, it was a hanger and he hit it to the deepest part of the ball park, in left center field, it is a relief to get that out-of-the-way.

Vance Worley took the hill today for the Phils, he was pitching a scoreless ballgame through the first four innings until Pedro Alverez crushed a solo home run to right field to cut the Phillies 2-0 lead in half, he hit the ball so far it went over the right field bleachers and almost into the river. Worley would pitch six innings strong and only allow one run off of 5 hits, it turned out that the bullpen was the source of the problems again today.

I watched the game until about the top of the eighth inning and then I had to split to go to my family’s house for our Easter get together, I’m sure glad I did not stick around to see the end of the game because I would not have been one happy camper at all

I thought for sure we had todays game won after Juan Pierre batted in two runs off of a single to right field, Pierre who was in the lineup today starting in left field for the first time this season. But I also thought we had yesterdays game won too but again I was wrong, it was just one disappointing opening day weekend and I have sure seen too many walk offs at PNC Park. I always hate it when the Phillies play at this park, it just seems like we can never win there.

Pirates produced a rally after Ty Wigginton dropped a ball while playing first after pitcher Antonio Bastardo struck the batter out, that play would spark a rally and the Pirates would eventually score two runs in the inning and pull within one of the Phillies, then the Phillies bullpen blew the game later on.

This bullpen has blown the last to ballgames for the Phillies, our starting pitchers have pitched great ball games but then the relievers blow it. I was sort of worried about this going into the season and now I’m seeing that there is a problem, other than closer Jonathan Papelbon at the end of the Phillies bullpen who can get us through those 7th and 8th innings? So far nobody can and that’s not a good situation.

It just seems like every team in Major League baseball has that one team that they can never beat, that team for the Phillies is the Pittsburgh Pirates. Ever since Pittsburgh built this brand new beautiful ballpark the Phillies have completely stunk it up when we travel to the Steel city. I really don’t know why this happens but it seems like this happens to a lot of clubs where they just can never beat that one team, but that is sports for you.

Well at the end of the first weekend in Major League baseball for the Phillies we come out of it with one win, Roy Halladay pitched a great game on Thursday and pitched all the way to the eighth inning and then allowed Papelbon in the ninth to shut it down to collect the save.

Offense still is a problem we are going to have to deal with this year, Phillies only produced five hits today. Not a lot of runs scored over this weekend either.

Just a quick sidenote here, I really dislike fans waving their teams flag the entire game when you have really nice seats, I was watching the game on tv and right behind home plate this idiot Pirates fan was waving here stupid flag the entire game, seriously get a life.

Phillies head back home now to Philadelphia for tomorrows home opener against the Miami Marlins, Cole Hamels gets the nod to start the home opener. This game will be at 1:05 Pm EST.

See you in a little bit Philly

GameDay Preview: Phillies vs Pittsburgh Pirates

Good Afternoon Folks,

The Philadelphia Phillies play game two of this three game opening series this evening at 7:05 Pm EST in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania at PNC Park.

Cliff Lee will take the hill for the Phillies and will try to ride some shutout momentum from Thursdays great performance from Roy Halladay. Halladay pitched eight scoreless innings and only allowed two hits, those hits were in the first inning. Jonathan Papelbon would come into the game in the ninth inning to record his first save as a Philadelphia Phillies closer after shutting down the Pirates in order.

Jeff Karstens will take the hill for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Karstens has really not had a great career so far to say the least. He has a career record of 21 and 36, has an ERA of 4.52 over his 6 season career. Before the Pirates Karstens pitched for the New York Yankees.

Laynce Nix will start at first base tonight instead of Ty Wigginton, Wigginton went 1 for 4 on Thursday and scored the only run of the game. Nix will make his seventh career start at first base tonight.

This game is on CSN and MLB Network for tv and 1210 WPHT for radio.

It’s supposed to be Sunny with a high of 60 degrees this evening in Pittsburgh, 0 percent chance of rain.

So grab a beer or a drink of your choice and Let’s enjoy some Saturday Night Phillies baseball.

Lets Go Phillies 

Phillies Lineup (1-0)

1. Victorino CF

2. Polanco 3B

3.  Rollins SS

4. Pence RF

5. Nix 1B

6. Mayberry LF

7. Ruiz C

8. Galvis 2B

9. Lee P

Pirates Lineup (0-1)

1. Tabata RF

2. Presley LF

3. McCutchen CF

4. McGehee 3B

5. Hague 1B

6. Walker 2B

7. Barjas C

8. Barmes SS

9. Karstens P

Off Day In Pittsburgh

Good Morning everyone from the west coast, let’s have a relaxing off day before the season really gets into the swing of things.

After all of the anticipation for the Phillies season to start we now have an off day today to relax and recuperate before we start back up Saturday evening in Pittsburgh. It was a pleasant first game of the year for the Phillies.

Roy Halladay started his tenth consecutive opening day yesterday and his third for the Phillies on a beautiful day in the Steel City at least from my vantage points which is on a recliner 2,000 miles away in California. It may have been a tad bit brisk in Pittsburgh yesterday for the game but where I was sitting watching the tv it sure looked beautiful with the river and the city in the background. I have always loved seeing Halladay pitch and I will never get tired of seeing him out there for the Phillies pitching, hopefully when the Phillies come out here in a couple of weeks to San Diego California I can see him pitch for once. Everytime the Phillies have come out to the west in the past couple of years I have always missed him pitch and that saddens me a tad bit. It’s on my bucket list to see Roy Halladay pitch one time live.

The Phillies were able to chalk up one run in yesterdays ballgame, with Howard and Utley out I think this is kind of how these couple of months of games are going to be, low scoring and pitching duels. Pitching duels are fine with me as long as we win those duels. Carlos Ruiz brought home the only run of the game for either sides yesterday as hit a line drive out to right field that scored Ty Wigginton, now when Wigginton tagged up from third base on this play I thought he was going to be out by a mile but the throw was high to catcher Rod Barajas and Wigginton snuck under the tag to score the only run of the day.

When a game is this close it is just nerve-racking if you’re a fan, I really dislike pitchers duels games but I guess I’m going to have to get used to it this year with the Phillies and the lack of offense. I prefer when the Phillies are up 10 to nothing on a opponent team especially the Giants or Mets, the game is so much more enjoyable at that time. If you’re on the fan of the team that is down by ten you are frustrated out of your mind and you hate the sport, at least that is how I handle the situation but you may react to it much better and with a little more sportsmanship than I would handle it.

Freddy Galvis made his Major League debut today at second base on opening day, it was a day to forget for him but he won’t forget about it because it was his first Major League ballgame. He had an opportunity to grant the Phillies some run support yesterday but he grounded into rally killing double plays in two of his at bats yesterday. I hope he cleared up those first major league game jitters out-of-the-way and I hope to see him blossom into a wonderful baseball player at the elite level, he sure has the potential.

I really like the Phillies lineup that Charlie Manuel constructed for yesterdays game, I would really keep this lineup and make minimal changes to it the rest of the way. Like have Thome at first base every once in a while. I like having Juan Pierre on the bench, If Pierre is on the bench he can’t obtain outs and Pierre can’t get caught stealing when he is on the hard wood bench so it’s like a win win situation for the Phillies and me, the Phillies aren’t chalking up outs and I’m not yelling at the tv.

In other news Scott Podsednik who lost the major league job to Juan Pierre is reporting to the Minor Leagues,

Scott Podsednik’s agent says he will be reporting to Lehigh Valley. So Phils will have that depth, this tweet was via David Murphy who is the beat writer for the Philadelphia Daily News.

Jonathan Papelbon made his debut as the Phillies closer yesterday, I liked it because it was a 1 2 3 inning with no baserunners on about to blow the game drama that about gives me a heart attack type of closing like Detroit Tigers closer Jose Valverde tries to pull every game. If I was a Detroit Tigers fan I think I may have to take some heart medicine if I had to see his type of closing every game, I really don’t think I could last a season alive. Valverde likes to stress out those Tigers fans by flirting with trouble and then bounce back and get the save, that almost did not work yesterday against the Red Sox as Valverde blew the save but secured the win when the tigers offense won the ballgame in the bottom of the ninth inning.

I don’t know about you but it felt like Christmas for me yesterday with all of the baseball games going, I don’t about you but this is the best time of year because there is a baseball game every single day.

Well if the rest of the Phillies pitchers can pitch a game like Roy Halladay did yesterday I would say we are looking pretty great, just hope the offense can acquire some type of spark while Ryan Howard and Chase Utley or out due to injury, I really just hope that when Howard and Utley return they are still the same type of offensive players.

If video games could predict the future the Phillies have a record 48-27 on June 26th of the season, Ryan Howard can hit curveballs in the video game and has an actual Achilles.

So let’s all toast to the Phillies new season and that baseball is back.

Phillies Shut out Pirates 1-0, Doc Was Dealing

It was a pitchers duel today at PNC Park in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on a beautiful day for opening day baseball. The Phillies one run off of a Carlos Ruiz sacrifice fly would be enough for the victory.

Roy Halladay was pitching like Roy Halladay today, a pitcher really in a league of his own. Halladay got into some first inning trouble but got a timely 6-4-3 double play and a fly out to get out of the inning with a goose egg still in the opponents run column, Doc would not allow another hit the rest of the way. He would hit two batters later in the game but the Pirates would not threaten at all. Roy Halladay pitched eight scoreless innings today and Jonathan Papelbon made his Phillies debut as he tried to shut down the Pirates in the ninth, he would do just that has he set the 1- 2-3 hitters down in order to get the save.

Phillies offense produced one run today off of eight hits, Carlos Ruiz got the only run for the Phillies today when he hit a sacrifice fly to right field to score Ty Wigginton, Wigginton just barely slid under the tag as the throw was high and catcher Rod Barajas had to jump up in the air to get the ball. That would end up being the only run of the game for either club.

Carlos Ruiz was a beast today, 3 for 3 and a sac fly.

Freddy Galvis today made his debut for the Phillies and it was not a great game for him, Galvis ended two Phillies rallies by grounding into double plays both times.

Ryan Howard even chirped in via his twitter on Carlos’s great game today, I apologize I didn’t mention Chooch being a beast today. 3-3, RBI. Good day today

Feels great to get the season started with a win!….That one is over, now on with the process. Game 2 :). What Hunter Pence had to say after today’s Phillies win in Pittsburgh. Pence did not have a good day at all to start the 2012 campaign, Pence went 0 for 4.

1st Game in the books…lots of adrenaline today! Nice win:) Hope everyone had a wonderful day.  Shane Victorino took to twitter after the game, Victorino went o for three with a walk in the leadoff spot today.

If this would have been a midseason game Roy Halladay would have probably pitched the ninth inning but since it is the first game of the season most managers don’t like having their starters throw a ton of pitches, but in the end it all worked as Papelbon sure looked strong in his Phillies debut.

Roy Halladay said he was not surprised by being removed after eight by Pitching Coach Rich Dubee.

Time of game was 2 hours and 14 minutes, 39, 585 Phillies fans and Pirates fan showed up at PNC Park to watch opening day.

The Phillies have tomorrow off and resume play Saturday night against the Pirates, this game will be at 7:05 Pm Eastern Time as Cliff Lee will take the hill for the Phillies.

Just Another Phillies Victory

Opening Day Preview: Phillies vs Pittsburgh Pirates

Happy Opening Day Folks

After that long cold offseason the regular season is finally upon us, I was starting to get  little bit loopy and bored without baseball.

The Philadelphia Phillies open up their season today against the Pittsburgh Pirates at 1:35 Pm Eastern Time at PNC Park, it is one really beautiful ballpark as you overlook the Steel City.

Roy Halladay will make his tenth straight opening day start this afternoon. The Phillies offense will face 33-year-old Lefty Eric Bedard who has a career record of 56-50 in his eight season in the major leagues.

This game is on PHL 17 for Tv and on 1210 WPHT for radio.

The Phillies over the years have not played well at this ballpark but let’s hope that changes this weekend.

The weather is going to be pretty lovely all weekend long in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, there is 0 percent chance of rain on today and Saturday with a 30 percent chance of rain on Sunday. The high today will be 56 degrees around game time. Beautiful day for opening day baseball in Pittsburgh.

Let’s Go Phillies

Phillies Lineup

1. Victorino CF

2. Polanco 3B

3. Rollins SS

4. Pence RF

5. Wigginton 1B

6. Mayberry LF

7. Ruiz C

8. Galvis 2B

9. Roy Halladay P

Pirates Lineup

1. Presley LF

2. Tabata RF

3. McCutchen CF

4. Walker 2B

5. Jones 1B

6. Barajas C

7. Alvarez 3B

8.  Barmes SS

9. Eric Bedard P

Halladay Starting Opening Day

Roy Halladay will make is tenth straight opening day start Thursday afternoon against the Pittsburgh Pirates

“It’s like getting married. You have anticipation but you know you’re doing the right thing.”

Yes having Roy Halladay starting on opening day is a very right thing.



Phillies Lose 8-5 At Final Spring Game At Bright House Field

Roy Halladay took the mound today against his former team the Toronto Blue Jays, Halladay had that regular season intensity this afternoon. In the second inning leadoff hitter Edwin Encarnacion took Roy Halladay deep to give the Blue Jays the early lead, that is the 7th home run Halladay has allowed this spring. Doc would allow one more run in the inning off of a Brett Lawrie RBI single.

In the top of the third inning the Florida Rain starting falling at Bright House Field, they rolled the tarp onto the field and we went into the first rain delay this spring at the final home spring game. The game would eventually resume with Roy Halladay out of the game.

Halladay went two innings today and allowed two runs off of three hits in his final spring appearance of the year, also struck out three Blue Jays hitters.

Raul Valdez came into pitch for the Phillies after the rain delay, he allowed some baserunners off of a walk and an error by third basemen Placido Polanco and eventually allowed a run off of a Eric Thames RBI single to push the Blue Jays lead to 3-0

Phillies get a run on the board in the bottom of the fourth inning from a Hunter Pence RBI single, as the teams played the fourth inning it was absolutely pouring rain but they continued to play.

David Herndon came in relief for Raul Valdez in the top of the fifth inning for the Phillies, Valdez pitched two innings today and allowed one run off one hit and struck out three. Herndon allowed a home run to Jose Bautista in the top of the fifth inning to give the Blue Jays a 4-1 lead. An interesting stat here is Jose Bautista has four home runs this spring and two of those are off of Phillies relief pitcher David Herndon.

David Herndon pitch two innings today and gave up one run off of three hits, 23-year-old Tyler Knigge from minor league camp came into pitch the top of the seventh inning for the Phillies, Knigge had an interesting 7th inning but only allowed one run even though the bases were loaded and no one was out.

Phillies plate a run in the bottom of the seventh off of John Mayberry Jr home run, his first home run of the spring and that ends his 0-19 slump at the plate in his last 19 at bats.

Phillies continued using minor league pitchers the rest of the game, Blue Jays would extend their lead in the top of the eighth off of a double and a two run home run.

Juan Pierre continues his hot spring with a single to centerfield that would bring home a run, Phillies would get two more runs in the bottom of the eighth inning off of a wild pitch and a Hector Luna RBI single.

It was a typical Florida day today in Clearwater Florida, We had rain in the early part of the game and towards the end of the game there was clear blue skies above Bright House Field. Awwww got to love that Florida weather.

Phillies announce 157,892 fans  were at Bright House Field this spring. That is a new record.

Some Other Notes

Antonio Bastardo was supposed to pitch today but instead will pitch tomorrow against the Atlanta Braves.

This was the final spring training appearance for Roy Halladay today, it was also the final Phillies home game at Bright House Field in Clearwater Florida.

Jimmy Rollins was in the three spot in the lineup this afternoon, is this where he will be in the regular season lineup with the absence of Ryan Howard and Chase Utley?

According to Todd Zolecki from relief pitchers Jose Contreras and Michael Stutes will likely start the season on the disabled list.

Phillies next spring training game is tomorrow against the Atlanta Braves, tomorrows game will be the final spring game for the Phillies in Florida as they head up north to Philadelphia after tomorrows game and play some preseason games against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Citizens Bank Park.

We are just five days away from opening day.

Reviewing The First Part of The Phillies Spring

Today is the first and only off day for the Phillies this spring training and I thought this will be a good time to review some of the things that have happen in Clearwater Florida so far.

The Phillies again will enter the season with questions and a little bit of nervousness as Ryan Howard and Chase Utley are both out with injuries, the problem is we really don’t have a timetable on Utley or Howard’s injuries just yet. Everybody is just guessing right now when they will return and I don’t even think Howard or Utley know when they will come back, but this is going to be two major losses to open the season. Freddy Galvis who is really a shortstop at heart is going to be penciled in the opening day lineup as the second baseman. The Phillies have a couple of guys that can fill in at first base as we await the healing process for Ryan Howard, Phillies have Ty Wigginton, John Mayberry Jr., and Jim Thome who can fill in. Thome is a bit of a stretch because he hasn’t played at first base in the Major Leagues for a long time but the Phils have been having Thome play at first this spring training.

The Phillies really just have to get through these first couple of months of the regular season and hope there still in the division hunt.

Phillies are going to have some problems because the number two hitter and the number three hitter in the lineup are going to be out, that is a lot of offense that is just going to be sucked out of this Phillies lineup. Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence really need to step up for this ball club in the first couple of months and try to help the Phillies get through these injuries.

Roy Halladay hasn’t had the best spring ever but again I would rather have him struggle now then in the regular season. I’m not really worried about Halladay because his velocity seemed back to normal yesterday, reports came out earlier this spring saying Halladay was injured but Roy quickly dismissed that report and called it “poor reporting” Doc did mention his velocity is down but he basically said it was because he is older now and it takes longer to get back into that Midseason Roy Halladay type form. I’m definitely not worried about him and expect him to have a wonderful year and hopefully maybe win a Cy Young Award.

Phillies released Dontrelle Willis earlier this spring and I really thought that was a smart move on the Phillies part. This was a good move because Willis is pretty much a player at the end of his career right now that can’t really locate a ball if his life depended on it. We were not getting the Dominate Willis in 2003, no we are getting the 9 years later aged Willis who is not even close to the same pitcher he used to be, plus I don’t think he was that good to begin with.

Kyle Kendrick has had an excellent spring training thus far and is trying to prove his case for the fifth spot in the Phillies starting rotation. Right now it looks like the fifth spot in the rotation will either be given to Joe Blanton or Kyle Kendrick, if the Phillies went by this springs stats to determine the starter it would hands down go to Kyle Kendrick. Kendrick so far this spring has pitched a total of 8.1 innings and has not allowed a run yet, Joe Blanton on the other hand has pitched 10 innings and has an ERA of 2.70. My personal Preference would to give Kyle Kendrick the starting pitcher role and try to trade Joe Blanton, it would be tough to trade Blanton because he has one of the worst contracts ever. Blanton is getting paid 24 million dollars over three years. I really don’t know what the Phillies were thinking when they gave him this contract but we really need to get rid of him or just renew a better more respectible contract at the end of the year.

Only 15 days until opening day when the Phillies begin the season in Pittsburgh and I can hardly wait.