Phillies Continue Winning Ways

For the second straight night the Phillies have an offensive outburst and win 8-7, Carlos Ruiz topped the night off with four hits and batted home three runs. It got a little dicey at the end but the Phillies pull out the victory and push this winning streak to five games.

For the tenth straight game the Phillies grabbed the early lead off of a Carlos Ruiz RBI single that scored Jimmy Rollins in the top of the first inning. That was Carlos’s 25th RBI on the season, Ruiz is just a RBI machine to start this year and I’m loving every bit of it. The Phillies however would strand the bases loaded again for the billionth time this season in the inning, it was all set up for Hector Luna to hit another grand slam but he was about 350 feet short of one as he popped it straight up to the catcher.

The Cubs striked right back in the bottom half of the first with a RBI sacrifice fly, the inning was started off with a leadoff double from David Dejesus. Halladay throughout his career has never had a lot of success against the leadoff hitter and it cost him in the inning.

Halladay would only allow two runs the rest of the way, Halladay went eighth innings tonight and allowed three runs off of seven hits.

The Phillies just kept frustrating Chris Volstad in the top of the second inning, the Phillies added three runs in the inning and the Chicago Cubs already had their bullpen up. I just really love facing Chris Volstad.

I was just saddened by the fact that the Cubs went to the bullpen in the third inning ): but there bullpen is nothing spectacular.

Carlos Ruiz is unstoppable, he batted home his 26th RBI in the top of the fifth inning to extend the Phillies lead to 5-1. At this rate he deserves to be voted into the All-Star game because he is just playing remarkable right now. He just keeps knocking in runs after runs.

Ruiz was not done, he batted home another run in the top of the seventh inning to give the Phillies a 8-2 lead. Ruiz had four hit night and batted home three runs. His sixth four-hit game of his career.

Going into the ninth inning the Phillies had a very comfortable 8-3 lead but Jake Diekman had a horrid outing and the Phillies were forced to bring in Jonathan Papelbon, Papelbon was able to get the final out and the Phillies move one game above .500.

There was a lot of highlights tonight but the highlight of the night was Gary Mattews singing the seventh inning stretch at Wrigley Field, did a very fine job.


The Phillies now head home to play the Boston Red Sox in a three game interleague series that begins tomorrow, first pitch is around 7:05 Pm EST and Cole Hamels will start.

Some Other Notes

Chase Utley was fielding ground balls for the second straight day today during batting practice at Wrigley Field.

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A Glance at the Road Trip

After today’s 4-3 walk off win by the Phillies they now board a plane for the lovely city of Chicago where they will play just two games against the Cubs and then head back to the city of brotherly love to face off against the Boston Red Sox.

You just have to love this Phillies season so far, when you think they have found every possible human way to blow a game they find a new way to absolutely shock you. Chad Qualls continues to just blow everything out of the bullpen this year, I really hope I never see him in a Phillies jersey again because every time he pitches you can guarantee its going to be a struggle.

This season so far has been very hard to watch and you should have your liquor cabinet full to the brim at all times, if you don’t drink I commend you.

The Cubs really suck right now and that should not be a shock to anybody, Phillies need to win games against these sub par teams.

Phillies find themselves only one game under the .500 mark.

A look at the pitching matchups on this road trip. Vance Worley was supposed to start tomorrow but he has been scratched, Kyle Kendrick will more than likely pitch instead so just kill me now.

Wednesday 8:05 Pm EST Start

Vance Worley (3-2, 3.07 ERA) Kyle Kendrick vs Matt Garza (2-1, 2.56 ERA)

Thursday 8:05 Pm EST Start

Roy Halladay (3-3, 3.20 ERA) vs Chris Volstad (0-5, 6.92 ERA)

What Happened

The frustration continues, I think I’m going to check into rehab. I really don’t know how the Phillies lost 5-2 to the Mets tonight. Worst loss of the season.

So after Cole Hamels picked up a five game suspension for telling the truth after a game and Jayson Werth going on a little crying spree to the Washington Post we actually played a ole fashioned ball game tonight under the lights in Philadelphia.

The Phillies put a one in the run column two batters into the game, Jimmy Rollins had a great at bat to leadoff the game, maybe the best at bat of the year. Rollins would double to center field and make it to third after some terrible fielding by center fielder Andres Torres, John Mayberry Jr. who was in the two hole tonight batted next and he flew out to center field for a RBI sacrifice fly.  First RBI for Mayberry since April 15.

Just like that, one of the best pitcher in major league baseball over the past couple of years has an early lead to work with.

The Phillies would add another run in the bottom of the second inning with a RBI double off of the bat of Placido Polanco that scored Carlos Ruiz all the way from first base, the Choocher was chugging from first base to score on that play. Glad to see the Phillies hitting the ball well through the first few innings.

Roy Halladay was pitching splendid tonight, he was throwing the kitchen sink at hitters and really don’t know who could even hit these pitches Halladay was heaving up there on a regular basis.

A walk to Andres Torres in the top of the sixth inning sparked a two out rally for the Mets that would eventually produce two runs in the inning and even up the game at two, that ended a string of 13 batters in a row retired by  Roy Halladay.

Halladay pitched seven innings and allowed two runs off of five hits, his great outing results  in a no decision.

The Phillies threatened in the bottom of the seventh inning with bases loaded and one out. Hunter Pence killed that rally by hitting into a questionable double play, Pence was called safe at first base but Victorino was called for interference sliding into second base so the inning was over. The play is rarely called and is not very consistent so it’s whatever.

The Phillies went to the bullpen in the top of the eighth inning and used Antonio Bastardo, he was able to get a timely 5-3 double play to get out of the inning and out of the one out jam.

The Phillies bats had another chance in the bottom of the eighth to give the Phillies the go ahead lead but again stranded two runners on base.

In the top of the ninth inning the Phillies used Jonathan Papelbon in a tie game, I actually forgot we even had Papelbon on are team because of the lack of use, his last outing was last Tuesday in Atlanta. Papelbon had two outs in the inning but then allowed a three run home run to Jordany Valdespin, I have never heard of him and if you did before tonight you need to get a life.

Valdespin’s 3-run shot was the first Mets home run since April 29, a span of 69 innings.

Phillies next game is tomorrow night at 7:05 Pm EST against the New York Mets, Joe Blanton will take the hill for the Phillies.

44,365 fans at Citizens bank Park tonight,  215th consecutive regular-season sellout

Some Other Notes

About an hour and thirty minutes before tonight’s Phillies game Major League Baseball announced that they had suspended Cole Hamels five games for admitting he hit Bryce Harper with a 93 mph fastball after the game.

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said this afternoon he was disappointed in the comments Cole Hamels made after the game about him hitting Bryce Harper on purpose.

Ruben Amaro Jr. declined to talk about  Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo’s comments. You can find Rizzo’s comments about Cole Hamels here.

A Look at The Road Trip

The Philies now will fly to Atlanta Georgia to begin a six game road trip, this road trip consists of three games in Atlanta and three games in Washington against the Nationals.

This Phillies can gain some much-needed ground in the National League East Standings if they can pull out some victories on this road trip as Atlanta and Washington are both above the Phillies in the standings as of right now, but remember folks it is still really early in the season to talk to much about the standings. The important thing is to not get to far back in the standings.

On this trip we will see if the Nationals strategy of keeping the Phillies fans out of their ball park as worked, I highly doubt it worked because who roots for the Nats?

Pitching Match-ups for This Road Trip 


Phillies vs Braves 7:10 Pm EST

Cole Hamels vs Brandon Beachy


Phillies at Braves 7:10 Pm EST

Roy Halladay vs Tommy Hanson


Phillies vs Braves 12:10 Pm EST

Joe Blanton vs Randall Delgado


Phillies vs Nationals 7:05 Pm Est

Kyle Kendrick vs Stephen Strasburg


Phillies vs Nationals 1:05 Pm EST

Vance Worley vs Gio Gonzalez


Phillies vs Nationals 8:05 Pm EST

Cole Hamels vs Jordan Zimmermann

Gameday Preview: Game 21 Phillies vs Cubs

The Philadelphia Phillies play game two of this four game series against the Cubs tonight 7:05 Pm EST at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillies hopefully will find some sort of offensive miracle today and pull out the victory, we can only hope. The Phillies had many opportunities last night to get some runs on the board early for Roy Halladay but no one could get a clutch hit if there life depended on it. The Phillies had the runners on the corners with no outs in the bottom of the first inning, guess what happened? No one could get those runners home and thus giving me a stressful headache.

Phillies send big Joe Blanton out to start today, in his last start last Sunday in San Diego he got crushed by the Padres hitters.

The Cubs will send out righty Randy Wells.

This game will be televised on TCN and the MLB Network, 1210 WPHT for radio.

50 percent chance of rain at game time tonight.

Go Phillies!

Phillies lineup (9-11)

1. Rollins SS

2. Polanco 3B

3. Pence RF

4. Thome 1B

5. Victorino CF

6. Nix LF

7. Ruiz C

8. Orr 2B

9. Blanton

Cubs Lineup (7-13)

1. DeJesus RF

2. Barney 2B

3. Castro SS

4. LaHair 1B

5. Soriano LF

6. Stewart 3B

7.  Johnson CF

8. Soto C

9. Wells P

What We Learned Out West

Good morning everyone, everybody have a great day.

The Phillies arrived back home last night after going .500 on the West Coast swing, a few games before that it was almost a miracle for them to even do that pleasent during this road trip because of the offensive struggles that occurred in San Diego. The Phillies pulled a rabbit out of somewhere or someone and won the final two games of this road trip in Arizona. Those wins were not pitching duels wins, these wins were offensive scoring wins and seeing these type of wins makes me all happy inside, okay that sounded weird but you Phillies fans get the point.

The first part of this trip was out in the lovely Bay Area for a three game series, the Phillies only won one game out of the three but really should have won two but the offense just could not chalk up even one run for Cliff Lee. Lee pitched one of the best games of his career but did not get the win ): After that great game a few days later Cliff Lee went onto the 15 day disabled list, he has been throwing since then and said his shoulder is getting better.

The Phillies lost this series and it renewed the hate I have towards the Giants once again.

The Phillies then went to beautiful San Diego where yours truly went to all four games, it’s pretty sad to See Petco Park so empty for all four games as it was. The only game where there was a decent crowd was Saturday night but all of the other games the crowds were very marginal, lots of Phillies fans and a whole ton of Phillies chants. That’s what you get when you put a horrible product out there on the field.

The first two games of that San Diego series went wonderful, the next two games were very frustrating to be at. They were shut out Saturday night and only could muster up one run on Sunday. I was really disappointed and worried when we lost to San Diego because they are basically a Triple A team, I really think a high school baseball team could be able to beat this suckfest of a team.

Then the Phillies went to the scorching desert to play a three game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks, they basically got blown out the first game but the final score did not show that because the Phillies went on a little rampage in the top of the ninth inning in that game by scoring five runs, at that point in time I really did not think it was even possible to score five runs in one game let alone an inning. I think most of the Phillies fans were shocked at that time and then I had that thought like the Phillies could come back and win this game like the New York Yankees did to beat the Boston Red Sox when they were down by eight runs, but my hopes and dreams were crushed real quick when Freddy Galvis grounded out into a double play and the Phillies would lose the first game of the series.

After that game I was deeply depressed and if I was able to drink I definitely would have.

The Phillies would come back with an offensive punch in the next two games and leave the west coast trip feeling a little better with themselves, Phillies went .500 on the trip.

Both Michael Stutes and Cliff Lee went on the 15 day disabled list when the team was out west, Stutes was pitching with shoulder issues throughout the early part of this season and sometimes that is not such a great idea. Cliff Lee landed himself on the disabled list with a strained left oblique.

Michael Schwimer was called up to replace Stutes in the bullpen.

Hunter Pence did not play in Monday nights game because of a sore left shoulder that he hurt the day before in San Diego, the last thing I wanted to hear and the Phillies wanted to hear is Hunter Pence with an injury that would sideline him. Tuesday afternoon Hunter Pence went and got an MRI on that shoulder, everything must have been okay with it because that night his name was pencilled in the lineup and he blasted a two run home run to right field to top it all off.

We also were able for the first time this regular season to see Chase Utley in the Phillies dugout, he joined the team out in Arizona and was with the team the whole three game series. Chase Utley is however going to stay in Arizona still but he did look pretty good shagging and hitting in batting practice. Please come back Chase.

The Phillies are now back home and ready to embark on a four game home stand before they on the road to face the Atlanta Braves and the Washington Nationals, the Nationals are still trying to take back their ballpark.

The Phillies begin a four game series with the Chicago Cubs tomorrow night at Citizens Bank Park at 7:05 Pm EST. I always like playing the Cubs because they are a pretty pathetically bad team so that means wins for the home team.

I’m going to go sleep for 20 hours now, goodnight folks.

Phillies Finish West Coast Trip with a 7-2 victory

Cole Hamels pitched an excellent ballgame today at Chase Field this afternoon, Hamels went eight innings and allowed four runs off of two hits, fanned seven Diamondbacks hitters. Hamels through the first six innings today only allowed one hit, retired 18 straight batters during that period of time. Hamels did get into a little jam in the bottom of the seventh inning but managed to get out of the inning and only allow two runs, could have been a lot worse but when you want a big money contract this is the type of jams you need to be able to get out of, Hamels did just that by getting a timely 4-6-3 double play to end the Diamondbacks chances of a big inning.

On the hitting side Hamels batted two runs in the top of the sixth inning to extend the Phillies lead to 6-0

Michael Schwimer was called up to the big club before today’s game and he came into pitch the ninth inning and did a great job, retired the side in order for the Phillies 7-2 victory.

The Phillies backed up that great pitching performance by chalking up seven runs off of 13 hits. The Phillies offense clicked right of the start as Hunter Pence batted home a run in the top of the first inning, Phillies had a opportunity to score more in the inning but Hunter Pence hesitated from second base to third and was thrown out at home plate. That play would not come back to haunt the Phillies as they would score six more runs in the ball game to sail home with the victory.

Phillies now leave the west coast feeling pretty good about themselves, Phillies finish the west coast trip (5-5) and now have a record of (9-10) on the season.

Well when I thought this trip was going to be a complete disaster the Phillies turn it around in the desert and get back to their winning ways.

The Phillies now board a plane to head home back to Philadelphia for a four game series that starts Friday against the Chicago Cubs at Citizens Bank Park.

Some Other Notes From Arizona 

Chase Utley will remain in Arizona after the Phillies leave for Philadelphia, Utley will continue the rehabbing on his knees and sipping some margaritas out here in the beautiful desert.

Michael Stutes was placed on the 15 day DL after Tuesday’s 8-5 victory, he is the sixth Phillies player this year to go on the disabled list. Righthander Michael Schwimer was called up to replace Stutes. Michael Stutes was pitching through his shoulder soreness most of the early season. Schwimer joined the team today.

Phillies Take First Two in San Diego

In front of a mostly empty no energy Petco Park in beautiful San Diego California the Philadelphia Phillies take the first two games of this four game series and extend their winning streak at Petco Park to 13 games, the longest streak by any major league club at an opponents ballpark.

The Phillies pushed across three runs in the top of the seventh, in the inning backup catcher Brian Schneider tied the game up with his first hit of the year that brought home one run, the next batter was Jim Thome who pinch hit and he struck out, Juan Pierre came up next and singled a ball to right field that gave the Phillies the first lead of the night.

Cole Hamels started tonight in his hometown, in his return back to the San Diego area he allowed one run off of six hits, he struck four. Hamels was charged with two balks on the night, after the second balk Hamels walked off the mound toward the second base umpire, at that time I really thought Hamels was going to get thrown out of the game but Jimmy Rollins came over to calm down the Phillies lefty and Hamels quickly turned around and headed back to the mound after a few words.

Hamels almost hit a home run in this game, he launched a ball to deep centerfield and it just kept going and I really though it had a chance to go out but at the last moment hit the top of the wall in centerfield for a leadoff double. The Phillies however could not bring him home in that inning.

The umpire calls defiantly did not go the Phillies way tonight, seemed like every single call went the way of the triple a San Diego Padres.

The Phillies would add another in the top of the eighth inning off of a Shane Victorino home run to left field, earlier in the bat Victorino was hit by a pitch but the home plate umpire ruled that he leaned into the pitch, a few pitches later he crushed a ball to left field to give the Phillies a three run lead.

Roy Halladay takes the hill for the Phillies tomorrow afternoon, 5:35 Pm start for tomorrows game out here in San Diego.

Gameday Preview: Phillies vs Giants

The Phillies begin there 10 game west coast road trip tonight at 10:15 Pm EST  agianst the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park, this game is really late for my east coast friends so drink an energy drink or brew some coffee so you can stay up.

We have another fantastical pitching matchup tonight in the bay area, Roy Halladay will take on Tim Lincecum. Halladay has a perfect 2-0 record in his 2 starting appearances this year for the Phillies. Lincecum on the other hand is 0-1 in his two appearances this season for the Giants, is ERA is through the roof 12.91

The Giants and Phillies are very similar, they both try to beat you with pitching because there offense is not the greatest. So in this three game series you will probably see a lot of low scoring games but again anything can happen in baseball and any team on any night can just go out there and light it up. Hopefully the Phillies can light up the Bay Area tonight.

It is supposed to be a little chilly in San Francisco tonight as usual, 53 degrees at game time with a slight breeze and a zero percent chance of rain.

This game will be televised on TCN, 1210 WPHT for radio.

I won’t be able to watch the game tonight ):

Phillies Lineup (4-5)

1. Pierre LF

2. Polanco 3B

3.  Rollins SS

4. Pence RF

5. Victorino CF

6. Nix 1B

7. Ruiz C

8. Galvis 2B

9. Halladay P

San Francisco Giants (4-5)

1. Pagan CF

2. Cabrera RF

3. Sandoval 3B

4. Posey C

5. Huff LF

6. Belt 1B

7. Crawford SS

8. Burriss 2B

9. Lincecum P

A Look At The Phillies West Coast Trip

After the Phillies won a very crucial early game of the year 8-2 against the New York Mets today they boarded a plane for a long trip out west to San Francisco. This trip consists of ten games in ten days, three against the San Francisco Giants, four against the San Diego Padres, and three games against the Arizona Diamondbacks to conclude the trip.

This is a wonderful trip for me because I will be at Petco Park in San Diego for all four of those ball games, it seems like the Phillies always play great against the San Diego Padres because the Padres are basically a Triple A team

Chase Utley is supposed to rejoin the team at some point on this trip.

Here is how the road trip looks for the Phillies

Monday at San Francisco 10:15 Pm EST start. 

Roy Halladay vs Tim Lincecum

Tuesday at San Francisco 10:15 Pm EST Start

Joe Blanton vs Madison Bumgarner

Wednesday at San Francisco 10:15 Pm EST Start

Cliff Lee Vs Matt Cain

Thursday at San Diego 10:05 Pm EST Start

Vance Worley vs Joe Wieland

Friday at San Diego 10:05 Pm EST Start

 Cole Hamels vs Edinson Volquez

Saturday at San Diego 8:35 Pm EST Start

Roy Halladay vs Corey Luebke

Sunday at San Diego 4:05 Pm EST Start

Joe Blanton vs Anthony Bass

then a three game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks that following Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.