Off Day In Pittsburgh

Good Morning everyone from the west coast, let’s have a relaxing off day before the season really gets into the swing of things.

After all of the anticipation for the Phillies season to start we now have an off day today to relax and recuperate before we start back up Saturday evening in Pittsburgh. It was a pleasant first game of the year for the Phillies.

Roy Halladay started his tenth consecutive opening day yesterday and his third for the Phillies on a beautiful day in the Steel City at least from my vantage points which is on a recliner 2,000 miles away in California. It may have been a tad bit brisk in Pittsburgh yesterday for the game but where I was sitting watching the tv it sure looked beautiful with the river and the city in the background. I have always loved seeing Halladay pitch and I will never get tired of seeing him out there for the Phillies pitching, hopefully when the Phillies come out here in a couple of weeks to San Diego California I can see him pitch for once. Everytime the Phillies have come out to the west in the past couple of years I have always missed him pitch and that saddens me a tad bit. It’s on my bucket list to see Roy Halladay pitch one time live.

The Phillies were able to chalk up one run in yesterdays ballgame, with Howard and Utley out I think this is kind of how these couple of months of games are going to be, low scoring and pitching duels. Pitching duels are fine with me as long as we win those duels. Carlos Ruiz brought home the only run of the game for either sides yesterday as hit a line drive out to right field that scored Ty Wigginton, now when Wigginton tagged up from third base on this play I thought he was going to be out by a mile but the throw was high to catcher Rod Barajas and Wigginton snuck under the tag to score the only run of the day.

When a game is this close it is just nerve-racking if you’re a fan, I really dislike pitchers duels games but I guess I’m going to have to get used to it this year with the Phillies and the lack of offense. I prefer when the Phillies are up 10 to nothing on a opponent team especially the Giants or Mets, the game is so much more enjoyable at that time. If you’re on the fan of the team that is down by ten you are frustrated out of your mind and you hate the sport, at least that is how I handle the situation but you may react to it much better and with a little more sportsmanship than I would handle it.

Freddy Galvis made his Major League debut today at second base on opening day, it was a day to forget for him but he won’t forget about it because it was his first Major League ballgame. He had an opportunity to grant the Phillies some run support yesterday but he grounded into rally killing double plays in two of his at bats yesterday. I hope he cleared up those first major league game jitters out-of-the-way and I hope to see him blossom into a wonderful baseball player at the elite level, he sure has the potential.

I really like the Phillies lineup that Charlie Manuel constructed for yesterdays game, I would really keep this lineup and make minimal changes to it the rest of the way. Like have Thome at first base every once in a while. I like having Juan Pierre on the bench, If Pierre is on the bench he can’t obtain outs and Pierre can’t get caught stealing when he is on the hard wood bench so it’s like a win win situation for the Phillies and me, the Phillies aren’t chalking up outs and I’m not yelling at the tv.

In other news Scott Podsednik who lost the major league job to Juan Pierre is reporting to the Minor Leagues,

Scott Podsednik’s agent says he will be reporting to Lehigh Valley. So Phils will have that depth, this tweet was via David Murphy who is the beat writer for the Philadelphia Daily News.

Jonathan Papelbon made his debut as the Phillies closer yesterday, I liked it because it was a 1 2 3 inning with no baserunners on about to blow the game drama that about gives me a heart attack type of closing like Detroit Tigers closer Jose Valverde tries to pull every game. If I was a Detroit Tigers fan I think I may have to take some heart medicine if I had to see his type of closing every game, I really don’t think I could last a season alive. Valverde likes to stress out those Tigers fans by flirting with trouble and then bounce back and get the save, that almost did not work yesterday against the Red Sox as Valverde blew the save but secured the win when the tigers offense won the ballgame in the bottom of the ninth inning.

I don’t know about you but it felt like Christmas for me yesterday with all of the baseball games going, I don’t about you but this is the best time of year because there is a baseball game every single day.

Well if the rest of the Phillies pitchers can pitch a game like Roy Halladay did yesterday I would say we are looking pretty great, just hope the offense can acquire some type of spark while Ryan Howard and Chase Utley or out due to injury, I really just hope that when Howard and Utley return they are still the same type of offensive players.

If video games could predict the future the Phillies have a record 48-27 on June 26th of the season, Ryan Howard can hit curveballs in the video game and has an actual Achilles.

So let’s all toast to the Phillies new season and that baseball is back.

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Opening Day Preview: Phillies vs Pittsburgh Pirates

Happy Opening Day Folks

After that long cold offseason the regular season is finally upon us, I was starting to get  little bit loopy and bored without baseball.

The Philadelphia Phillies open up their season today against the Pittsburgh Pirates at 1:35 Pm Eastern Time at PNC Park, it is one really beautiful ballpark as you overlook the Steel City.

Roy Halladay will make his tenth straight opening day start this afternoon. The Phillies offense will face 33-year-old Lefty Eric Bedard who has a career record of 56-50 in his eight season in the major leagues.

This game is on PHL 17 for Tv and on 1210 WPHT for radio.

The Phillies over the years have not played well at this ballpark but let’s hope that changes this weekend.

The weather is going to be pretty lovely all weekend long in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, there is 0 percent chance of rain on today and Saturday with a 30 percent chance of rain on Sunday. The high today will be 56 degrees around game time. Beautiful day for opening day baseball in Pittsburgh.

Let’s Go Phillies

Phillies Lineup

1. Victorino CF

2. Polanco 3B

3. Rollins SS

4. Pence RF

5. Wigginton 1B

6. Mayberry LF

7. Ruiz C

8. Galvis 2B

9. Roy Halladay P

Pirates Lineup

1. Presley LF

2. Tabata RF

3. McCutchen CF

4. Walker 2B

5. Jones 1B

6. Barajas C

7. Alvarez 3B

8.  Barmes SS

9. Eric Bedard P