Gameday Preview: Game 32 Phillies vs Mets, Still Sane

Happy Wednesday, everybody have a good evening.

After last nights blunder of a loss where the Phillies blew a 4-0 lead and could not push across any runs late in the game are right back at it tonight against the Mets, this is the series finale and first pitch is around 7:05 Pm EST. The Phillies are about to get swept by the Mets, just ponder that for a second.

I really don’t have the actually stats sitting in front of me but the Phillies bullpen has blown at least eight games this year, the pitcher I thought that would never blow game blew a game on monday and that was Jonathan Papelbon. I never thought the billion dollar closer would give up a home run to a guy that has never even had a hit in the major leagues. It’s like just pick your poison out there in the bullpen. The poison last night was Chad Qualls,  the first batter he faced the Mets tied it up after the worst rundown I have ever seen in my life.

Cliff Lee will toe the rubber for the Phillies tonight, the first time since April 18th.  In that game Cliff Lee pitched ten scoreless innings and the Phillies still lost the game, just nauseating. That has been the story of the season, nauseating.

To make room to activate Cliff Lee the Phillies sent Michael Schwimer down to triple A this afternoon. Schwimer had an 8.53 ERA in five appearances with the Phillies.

Guys you need to drink to watch the Phillies this season.

Dillon Gee will pitch for the Mets tonight, Gee is 2-2 on the season. He received a no decision his last time out against Arizona.

So if the Phillies get out to the early lead tonight I fully expect them to blow the game late, I know I sound negative but how could you be positive right now. My head is slowly exploding.

We just need Ryan Howard and Chase Utley back on this team.

Go Phillies!

Phillies Lineup (14-17)

1. Rollins SS

2. Pierre LF

3. Victorino CF

4. Pence RF

5. Polanco 3B

6. Mayberry 1B

7. Schneider C

8. Galvis 2B

9. Lee P

Mets Lineup (17-13)

1. Torres CF

2. Murphy 2B

3. Wright 3B

4. Hairston RF

5. Rottino LF

6. Turner SS

7. Davis 1B

8. Johnson C

9. Gee P

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Gameday Preview: Phillies vs New York Mets

The Phillies play the final game of this weekend series against the New York Mets this afternoon and this is the final game of the homestead before the Phillies head out west for a ten game road, the Phillies play three games against the San Francisco Giants, four games against the San Diego Padres, and three games against the Arizona Diamondbacks on this trip. I’m excited about this trip because I’m going to all the games in San Diego, I went last year and it was a ton of fun.

Cole Hamels will take the hill for the Phillies today and he will look to get his first win of the season, Hamels started last Monday which was the home opener for the Phillies and he did not have his greatest of stuff but he wasn’t horrible at the same time, it was the Phillies offense that could not produce much run support for him. That is going to be the case a lot this year with this offense, the Phillies pitchers will almost have to pitch shutouts every game to win and that is really sad to type.

That Phillies offense will have to face Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey, the righty has pitched seven season in the Major Leagues and has a career record of 50-54, ERA of 4.41. Pelfrey has spent all of his career with the Amazin Mets.

This game will be televised on PHL 17, 1210 WPHT for radio.

81 degrees today in Philly, 2o percent chance of rain.

Phillies Lineup (3-5)

1. Pierre LF

2.  Victorino CF

3. Rollins SSt

5. Wigginton 3B

6. Nix 1B

7. Ruiz C

8. Orr 2B

9. Hamels P

New York Mets Lineup (6-2)

1. Tejada SS

2. Murphy 2B

3. Wright 3B

4. Davis 1B

5. Hairston LF

6. Duda RF

7. Nieuwenhuis CF

8. Nickeas C

9. Pelfrey P

Gameday Preview: Phillies vs New York Mets

Tonight in Philadelphia Pennsylvania the Phillies start a three game weekend series with the New York Mets before the head out to the west coast for a 10 game road trip.

Cliff Lee will take the hill at Citizens bank Park tonight at 7:05 Pm EST for the Phillies, he will be opposed by junkball pitcher R.A. Dickey of the Mets. Ricky Dicky is a frustrating pitcher to watch, when I use the Phillies against Dickey in MLB 12 The Show (which is a video game I play) he just uses his knuckleball about 90 percent of the time and you really have to wait back on it. The Phillies hitters tonight will really have to wait back on it, Dickey is much like Tim Wakefield who played for the Red Sox. He is just a junk pitcher, he will never over power you.

R.A. Dickey has pitched ten seasons in the Major Leagues, he has really never had a standout year. Dickey has a career record of 42-50 and an ERA of 4.33.

Is there still offensive concerns with the Phillies offense? Those concerns have sure been pushed to the back-burner after the last two games.

This game will be televised on PHL 17, 1210 WPHT for radio.

Lets Go Phillies 

Phillies Lineup (3-3)

1. Victorino Cf

2. Polanco 3B

3. Rollins SS

4. Pence RF

5. Thome 1B

6. Mayberry LF

7. Ruiz C

8. Galvis 2B

9. Lee