I Want Bobby

On Friday the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim released Outfielder Bobby Abreu and called up Mike Trout.

If I was the Phillies general manager I would give him a contract to play for this team right now because at least he has some power unlike the little winky dink Pierre we have playing out there in left field most of the time. Juan Pierre has absolutely no power, if the Phillies played their home games on a little league field I would bet you money he could not even hit a home run out there, but he might be the same height as some of the little leaguers.

We have way too many singles hitters on this ball club, it takes three to four hits to even chalk home a run, most of the time the Phillies can’t even get those runners home and strand them home on the bases.

I know 38-year-old Bobby Abreu is no Babe Ruth but he could add an improvement to our team, he can at least pop a ball out of the ballpark and he is one of the most patient hitters I have ever seen. I have rarely ever seen Bobby chase a ball out of the zone, the Phillies lineup as of late swings at every possible pitch the opposing pitchers sling up there, the ball could be in the dirt and these hitters will wale away and miss at it while I scream at the tv in a rage of frustration.

Now to sign Abreu the Phillies would have to get rid of a player on the 25 man roster, if I was running the show which would be a really scary thing I would get rid of Juan Pierre and just give the left field job to Bobby Abreu but I would be shocked to see the Phillies do that. The Phillies could get rid of John Mayberry Jr. but I really think that would be a huge mistake, Mayberry is not having a great start to the year but the Phillies really have not given him a lot of chances at playing. Mayberry has that power threat that Pierre never has had and even if he was juiced up on roids he still would not have, It’s beyond me that Pierre starts more than John Mayberry Jr. out there in left field.The Phillies could also get rid of Jim Thome to open up room on the 25 man roster but that seems very unlikely because Thome is a fan favorite, he is struggling but he is a fan favorite and if the Phillies got rid of him I think you might see some fan rage from the Philly faithful.

Abreu has dropped off this year but I’m willing to take the shot on him. Abreu  has.208/.259/.333 statline this year but he could probably steal more bases than Mr. speedy Pierre.

So should the Phillies stick to the high powered singles offense we have or try to get Abreu?


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