The Phillies Head Home

The Phillies begin a three game series against the Boston Red Sox tonight at 7:05 Pm EST. this also begins a six game home stand for the Phillies.

The Phillies look to keep this five game winning streak rolling smoothly along tonight at Citizens Ban Park in South Philadelphia, this is the longest winning streak of the season and the Phillies for the first time since opening day in Pittsburgh find themselves one game over the .500 mark, only four games out of first place.

This will be the interesting home stand because the Phillies are playing some pretty good ball clubs, plus the Washington Nationals come to town and you know there is going to be some juice in Citizens Bank Park for all  three games. This will also be a very good home stand to really judge this Phillies team because the teams they will be facing are pretty tough, this past week the Phillies played the bottom of the barrel major league teams and won which is what you have to do when you face a lesser opponent.

Here is the pitching matchups for this interleague series.

Friday 7:05 Pm EST Start

Cole Hamels (5-1, 2.28) vs Daniel Bard (3-4, 4.30)

Saturday 4:05 Pm EST Start

Joe Blanton (4-3, 2.96) vs TBD

Sunday 1:35 Pm EST Start

Cliff Lee (0-1, 1.95) vs TBD

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Phillies Continue Winning Ways

For the second straight night the Phillies have an offensive outburst and win 8-7, Carlos Ruiz topped the night off with four hits and batted home three runs. It got a little dicey at the end but the Phillies pull out the victory and push this winning streak to five games.

For the tenth straight game the Phillies grabbed the early lead off of a Carlos Ruiz RBI single that scored Jimmy Rollins in the top of the first inning. That was Carlos’s 25th RBI on the season, Ruiz is just a RBI machine to start this year and I’m loving every bit of it. The Phillies however would strand the bases loaded again for the billionth time this season in the inning, it was all set up for Hector Luna to hit another grand slam but he was about 350 feet short of one as he popped it straight up to the catcher.

The Cubs striked right back in the bottom half of the first with a RBI sacrifice fly, the inning was started off with a leadoff double from David Dejesus. Halladay throughout his career has never had a lot of success against the leadoff hitter and it cost him in the inning.

Halladay would only allow two runs the rest of the way, Halladay went eighth innings tonight and allowed three runs off of seven hits.

The Phillies just kept frustrating Chris Volstad in the top of the second inning, the Phillies added three runs in the inning and the Chicago Cubs already had their bullpen up. I just really love facing Chris Volstad.

I was just saddened by the fact that the Cubs went to the bullpen in the third inning ): but there bullpen is nothing spectacular.

Carlos Ruiz is unstoppable, he batted home his 26th RBI in the top of the fifth inning to extend the Phillies lead to 5-1. At this rate he deserves to be voted into the All-Star game because he is just playing remarkable right now. He just keeps knocking in runs after runs.

Ruiz was not done, he batted home another run in the top of the seventh inning to give the Phillies a 8-2 lead. Ruiz had four hit night and batted home three runs. His sixth four-hit game of his career.

Going into the ninth inning the Phillies had a very comfortable 8-3 lead but Jake Diekman had a horrid outing and the Phillies were forced to bring in Jonathan Papelbon, Papelbon was able to get the final out and the Phillies move one game above .500.

There was a lot of highlights tonight but the highlight of the night was Gary Mattews singing the seventh inning stretch at Wrigley Field, did a very fine job.


The Phillies now head home to play the Boston Red Sox in a three game interleague series that begins tomorrow, first pitch is around 7:05 Pm EST and Cole Hamels will start.

Some Other Notes

Chase Utley was fielding ground balls for the second straight day today during batting practice at Wrigley Field.

Gameday Preview: Game 39 Phillies at Cubs

The Phillies are a .500 baseball team yet again, it feels so great to say that after all of the struggles this team has endured to start this 2012 baseball season, they look to continue this four game winning streak tonight in Chicago against the Cubs, first pitch around 8:05 Pm EST.

This is the final game of this two game road trip, the Phillies board a plane for Philadelphia after tonight’s game and began a three game interleague series against the Boston Red Sox tomorrow night at beautiful Citizens Bank Park.

Roy Halladay will take the mound for the Phillies today, he has a record of 3-3 on the season and a 3.20 ERA. In Halladay’s last five outings he has either been charged with a loss or a no decision. I really don’t think that has happened in his career before, maybe his first year in the league but if anybody has that stat please let me know in the comment section cause i’m interested to see if this has ever happen before, I really don’t think it has but what do I know.

The Cubs send out Chris Volstad tonight, I always love facing pitchers like this because he really basically sucks, I’m not going to sugar coat it because he just completely sucks. He is 0-5 on the season and has an ERA of 6.92, a very lovely candidate to face.

I saw an interesting stat on twitter from somewhere today where the Phillies have a .500 record at home, .500 record on the road and a .500 record on the season.

If the Phillies record a victory tonight the Phillies will be one game over .500 for the first time since opening day in Pittsburgh.

Weather at game time tonight.  Last time Halladay pitched in Chicago it was a warm 90 degrees and he left the game early because of the terrible Chicago Heat.






Go Phillies!

Phillies Lineup (19-19)

1. Rollins SS
2. Pierre LF
3. Victorino CF
4. Pence RF
5. Ruiz C
6. Wigginton 3B
7. Luna 1B
8. Galvis 2B
9. Halladay P

Cubs Lineup (15-22) 

1. Dejesus RF
2. Campana CF
3. Castro SS
4. LaHair 1B
5. Soriano LF
6. Stewart 3B
7. Soto C
8. Barney 2B
9. Volstad P

Back to .500

The Phillies explode with nine runs tonight and now are back to .500 baseball on the season with this 9-2 win tonight over the Cubs.

Freddy Galvis started the offensive production tonight when he batted home his 16th RBI on the year in the top of the second inning to give the Phillies and Kyle Kendrick a 1-0 lead to work with.

Phillies could have added some much-needed runs in the top of the third inning but Carlos Ruiz who has been the most consistent offensive bat for the Phillies so far this season grounded into a 6-3 twin killing double play to end the one out bases loaded rally. This team continues to fail with runners in scoring position.

Those stranded runners would not come back to haunt them tonight.

After Juan Pierre lost a ball in the Chicago night sky and Kyle Kendrick gifted Alfonso Soriano with a pitch down the middle the Cubs took a 2-1 lead. How do you give up a home run to the washed up Alfonso Soriano?

Those would be the only runs the Cubs would score tonight.

I get nervous every time someone makes contact with a Kyle Kendrick pitch as of late because they are just floating up there on a tee waiting to get crushed.

The Phillies would tie it up in the next inning off of a weak little ground out that scored Kyle Kendrick from third base. Kendrick was able to earn his first hit of the season tonight and  even scored. He does everything, hit, score, and gives up runs.

I guess since Kyle Kendrick pitched very well tonight I can’t rag on him till his next performance, Kendrick pitched six innings and gave up two runs off of three hits, he was only charged with one run because Pierre can’t catch out in left field.

Kendrick however would not chalk up a win tonight but he sure pitched well tonight.

Mr. MVP himself Carlos Ruiz broke the 2-2 tie in the top of the eighth inning as he crushed his 7th big fly of the season.

Phillies added a ton of insurance runs in the top of the ninth inning to pretty much secure the fourth win in a row, the longest winning streak of the season continues.

Hector Luna really blew the game open in the inning with his first career grand slam to send the Cubs fans to the exits.

Bullpen did not allow a run tonight.

The Phillies conclude this short two game road trip tomorrow night at 8:05 Pm EST in Chicago against the Cubs. Roy Halladay will toe the rubber for the Phillies tomorrow night before the Phillies head home to begin a three game series against the Boston Red Sox.

Some Other Notes

Vance Worley who was put on the 15 day disabled list earlier this afternoon due to right elbow pain was examined this afternoon and there was no structural damage to that elbow thank goodness. No real timetable on his return to the starting rotation.

Chase Utley came back to life today and fielded some ground balls for the first time since rejoining the team May 5th.

Placido Polanco left tonight’s game with a bruised left knee.

Gameday Preview: Game 38 Phillies at Cubs

The Phillies look to continue this nice refreshing winning streak tonight in Chicago against the Cubs at 8:05 Pm EST.

Don’t look now but the Phillies only find themselves five games out of first place.

Vance Worley was supposed to start this evening but he did not even make the trip with team to Chicago because of elbow soreness so we get the lovely opportunity to see Kyle Kendrick pitch tonight. Just shoot me now.

Vance Worley has been put on the 15 day disabled list because of elbow inflammation.

Kyle Kendrick is 0-3 on the season and has an ERA of 7.32 which is just horrid. I cringe every time I see Kendrick take the hill so this should be a really fun night. So just prepare for some upcoming losses with Kendrick on the mound.

Matt Garza who is the only Cubs pitcher worth a penny will pitch tonight, he is 2-1 on the season and has an ERA of 2.56. The first time the Phillies faced him this year at Citizens Bank Park they were shutout and could only muster up one hit, ten Phillies hitters struck out that night in what was a pretty feeble effort.

This Cubs lineup is just piss poor from top down, Chad Qualls could probably get these hitters out.

Let’s hope Chad Qualls is not used tonight but he probably will be so I should just hide all of the breakable objects in my house right now.

Weather at game time tonight in the windy city.







Go Phillies! 

Phillies Lineup (18-19)

1.Rollins SS
2. Pierre LF
3. Victorino CF
4. Pence RF
5. Ruiz C
6. Polanco 3B
7. Mayberry 1B
8. Galvis 2B
9. Kendrick P

Cubs Lineup (15-21)

1. DeJesus RF
2. Campana CF
3. Castro SS
4. LaHair 1B
5. Soriano LF
6. Stewart 3B
7. Soto C
8. Barney 2B
9. Garza P

A Glance at the Road Trip

After today’s 4-3 walk off win by the Phillies they now board a plane for the lovely city of Chicago where they will play just two games against the Cubs and then head back to the city of brotherly love to face off against the Boston Red Sox.

You just have to love this Phillies season so far, when you think they have found every possible human way to blow a game they find a new way to absolutely shock you. Chad Qualls continues to just blow everything out of the bullpen this year, I really hope I never see him in a Phillies jersey again because every time he pitches you can guarantee its going to be a struggle.

This season so far has been very hard to watch and you should have your liquor cabinet full to the brim at all times, if you don’t drink I commend you.

The Cubs really suck right now and that should not be a shock to anybody, Phillies need to win games against these sub par teams.

Phillies find themselves only one game under the .500 mark.

A look at the pitching matchups on this road trip. Vance Worley was supposed to start tomorrow but he has been scratched, Kyle Kendrick will more than likely pitch instead so just kill me now.

Wednesday 8:05 Pm EST Start

Vance Worley (3-2, 3.07 ERA) Kyle Kendrick vs Matt Garza (2-1, 2.56 ERA)

Thursday 8:05 Pm EST Start

Roy Halladay (3-3, 3.20 ERA) vs Chris Volstad (0-5, 6.92 ERA)

Frustrating Game Ends Well for the Phils

Hunter Pence and the Phillies walk off with a 4-3 victory after blowing Cliff Lee’s great pitching performance in the ninth.

It was a rainy ugly grey morning as we moved closer to first pitch in South Philadelphia but with about an hour till game time the tarp was rolled off the field and they started to prepare it for some afternoon baseball.

The game started right on time despite meteorologists saying it was going to be pouring at this time. How do you get a meteorologist job? Would sure be easy to be wrong all of the time, I’m already a professional at being wrong.

Right off the bat this team frustrated me today and it was really to early out here on the west coast to be filled with rage, the Phillies tried to use small ball in the first inning to score a run but it backfired in their face and they got nada. You just have to love bunting with no outs when Jimmy Rollins is already in scoring position. What respectable team does that?

Phillies decided to use long ball in the next inning and it really worked a lot better, shockerino.

Brian Schneider did something he does not do to often in the bottom of the second inning, he hit a hit a two run home run to right field to give the Phillies an early 2-0 lead. The first home run for Schneider since April 21st of last year.

Hunter Pence added on to his home run total with an opposite field big fly to give the Phillies a 3-0 lead in the bottom of the sixth inning, his eighth on the season.

Offense finally gave Cliff Lee some runs to work with today, something that has not happened in his prior starts.

Cliff Lee pitched like Cliff Lee normally does on a daily basis today, getting strikeouts, getting outs, and working fast. The only mistake Lee made on the day was a fastball down the middle to Matt Jones who crushed it to left field.

Lee went eight innings today and only allowed one run off of five hits. But gets a no decision because the bullpen sucks basically.

Jonathan Papelbon was not available today because he’s has pitched the last three days, Chad Qualls pitched the ninth instead.

Qualls can never pitch a relaxing inning, he allowed a run and Hunter Pence botched a play in right to blow his victory. Cliff Lee should get a free kick on Chad Qualls.

Qualls could not finish the inning and the Phillies brought out Jake Diekman to get the final out in the inning in his MLB debut, he did just that and stranded runners on second and third.

Diekman came back out to pitch the tenth inning and did an outstanding job.

This was the final time the Houston Astros played in Philadelphia as a National League club. I did not realize this before today. This really sucks because I always loved playing the Astros because they are horrid and we can usually beat them.

222nd sellout in a row today at Citizens Bank Park.

Phillies next game is tomorrow night at 8:05 Pm EST in Chicago against the Cubs.

Gameday Preview: Game 37 Phillies vs Astros

The Philadelphia Phillies finish the series against the Houston Astros this afternoon at 1:05 Pm EST. After today’s game the Phillies take a two-day vacation to Chicago to play the Cubs.

These next three games for the Phillies are very important because they are playing very sub par ball clubs and need to secure wins against teams like these.

Cliff Lee will make his second start this afternoon since coming off of the disabled list. Cliff Lee again will search for his first win on the season this afternoon. Even though Lee doesn’t have a win he sure has pitch well enough to have one as he has a 2.17 ERA on the season.

It is very unlikely we even play this game today as you see the weather report down below but let’s hope for the best.







Go Phillies!

Phillies Lineup (17-19)

1. Rollins SS
2. Pierre LF
3. Victorino CF
4. Pence RF
5. Polanco 3B
6. Mayberry 1B
7. Galvis 2B
8. Schneider C
9. Lee P

Phillies win 5-1, Polanco Reaches Milestone

This was a battle between two very bad teams, the sea of empty blue seats at first pitch was a result of these teams combined suckness so far this season.

These next four games for the Phillies are almost must win games because they are playing the Astros and Cubs. Both teams do not have a lot going for them so the Phillies need to pick up some victories.

The offense did well tonight, however the first four innings it would have seemed we were facing a Cy Young out there, pitching did very well tonight. But we were facing the Astros so don’t get to excited.

The Phillies were able to push across the first run of the game in the bottom of the fifth inning off of a Freddy Galvis RBI single, both offenses were sputtering until the Phillies were actually able to get people on base in that inning. The Phillies had the bases loaded with two outs in the inning but Juan Pierre was up and we all know how that ended.

While the rain continued misting over Citizens Bank Park Carlos Ruiz singled home Shane Victorino in the bottom of the sixth inning to give the Phillies a 2-0 lead.

The Phillies were not done in the sixth, Freddy Galvis singled home another run in the  inning to give the Phillies a 3-0 lead. Galvis was the offensive spark plug tonight.

Placido Polanco reached the 2,000 mark in hits tonight and did it in grand style. Polanco hit a two run home run in the bottom of the eighth inning to capture this milestone.

Joe Blanton pitched a pretty great game tonight against a pretty horrid Houston Astros offense. Blanton allowed one run off of six hits tonight in his seven innings of work.

Bastardo and Qualls together got the Phillies through the eighth inning without allowing any more runs and that set it up for the billion dollar reliever.

Papelbon pitched a clean ninth inning and the Phillies are only two game under .500 now.

Phillies next game is tomorrow afternoon at 1:05 Pm EST. After tomorrow’s game against the Houston Astros the Phillies will head to Chicago to play the Cubs for two games and then return to Citizens Bank Park Friday for a weekend series against the Boston Red Sox. This Schedule is little loopy this week, someone must have been a little tipsy when they were writing this weeks schedule.

Gameday Preview: Game 36 Phillies vs Astros

The Philadelphia Phillies begin a two game quick series against the Houston Astros tonight at Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia, first pitch around 7:05 Pm EST.

It was nice to see the Phillies edge on the Padres yesterday to pick up the win and win the series on Mother’s Day. Yesterday was the final time the Phillies and Padres will meet this season.

Joe Blanton will toe the rubber for the Phillies tonight, he comes into tonight with a 3-3 record and a respectable 3.24 ERA. Blanton allowed four runs off of five hits in his last outing against the New York Mets, he wound up with a no decision as the bullpen blew the ball game.

Phillies bats will face righty Lucas Harrel, he has a record of 2-2 and an ERA of 4.58 so far in this young season.

Placido Polanco will again go for his 2,000th hit tonight, he bats sixth tonight.

Weather at game time tonight.






Go Phillies!

Phillies Lineup (16-19)

1. Rollins SS
2. Pierre LF
3. Victorino CF
4. Pence RF
5. Ruiz C
6. Polanco 3B
7. Mayberry 1B
8.  Galvis 2B
9. Blanton P