Month In Review

The first month of the regular season for the Phillies could have been worse, it actuallycould have been really bad but as we flip the calendars to May the Phillies finish the month with a 11-12 record and are only 3.5 games out of first place.

It wasn’t the best month ever but we did get through it and somehow come out of it with only one game under .500. Some of the game were really hard to watch and really frustrated the living hell out of me but some games were actually pretty enjoyable if that’s possible. The Phillies really did a lot better than I thought through the first month of play, especially after the Phillies dropped two games to the pathetic San Diego Padres. That west coast trip really looked like it was going to go really horrible but the Phillies pulled some offense out of their ass or somewhere and won the games with their offense in the final two games of that road trip in Arizona against the Diamondbacks.

On that trip Cliff Lee was put on the disabled list, this upcoming friday there was a chance Cliff Lee might come off of the disabled list to pitch against the Nationals in Washington but that will not happen. Lee is getting better but he must throw two bullpen session before he can go out there and start a ball game, so far the first bullpen session has not been scheduled quite yet.

The Flyers hockey offense out scores the Phillies offense on a regular basis but at least we are pulling out some victories and we are not six games back already, the Phillies are in the hunt and I know its way too early to say this kind of garbage but hey I’m just giddy and thrilled we are keeping pace and getting these much-needed victories with Ryan Howard and Chase Utley out of the lineup.

Speaking of Chase Utley we had a glimpse of Utley when the Phillies were in Arizona, he was with the team that three game series against the Diamondbacks and he even shagged some fly balls and hit a little in batting practice before those games. Once the team left Arizona Chase remained there to continue to rehab and sip margaritas throughout the day.

Ryan Howard began his rehab in Clearwater today.

So lets hope as the months roll by the Phillies keep getting better and more importantly the Phillies keep getting healthier.

Here are some pictures from when the Phillies were out west, and thanks to everybody that has stopped by this site through the first month of the regular season. It really means a lot to me and I thank each and every one of you.

Phillies vs Padres, Thursday April 19th












Phillies vs Padres, Friday April 20th












Phillies vs Padres, Saturday April 21st












Phillies vs Padres, Sunday April 22nd

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What We Learned Out West

Good morning everyone, everybody have a great day.

The Phillies arrived back home last night after going .500 on the West Coast swing, a few games before that it was almost a miracle for them to even do that pleasent during this road trip because of the offensive struggles that occurred in San Diego. The Phillies pulled a rabbit out of somewhere or someone and won the final two games of this road trip in Arizona. Those wins were not pitching duels wins, these wins were offensive scoring wins and seeing these type of wins makes me all happy inside, okay that sounded weird but you Phillies fans get the point.

The first part of this trip was out in the lovely Bay Area for a three game series, the Phillies only won one game out of the three but really should have won two but the offense just could not chalk up even one run for Cliff Lee. Lee pitched one of the best games of his career but did not get the win ): After that great game a few days later Cliff Lee went onto the 15 day disabled list, he has been throwing since then and said his shoulder is getting better.

The Phillies lost this series and it renewed the hate I have towards the Giants once again.

The Phillies then went to beautiful San Diego where yours truly went to all four games, it’s pretty sad to See Petco Park so empty for all four games as it was. The only game where there was a decent crowd was Saturday night but all of the other games the crowds were very marginal, lots of Phillies fans and a whole ton of Phillies chants. That’s what you get when you put a horrible product out there on the field.

The first two games of that San Diego series went wonderful, the next two games were very frustrating to be at. They were shut out Saturday night and only could muster up one run on Sunday. I was really disappointed and worried when we lost to San Diego because they are basically a Triple A team, I really think a high school baseball team could be able to beat this suckfest of a team.

Then the Phillies went to the scorching desert to play a three game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks, they basically got blown out the first game but the final score did not show that because the Phillies went on a little rampage in the top of the ninth inning in that game by scoring five runs, at that point in time I really did not think it was even possible to score five runs in one game let alone an inning. I think most of the Phillies fans were shocked at that time and then I had that thought like the Phillies could come back and win this game like the New York Yankees did to beat the Boston Red Sox when they were down by eight runs, but my hopes and dreams were crushed real quick when Freddy Galvis grounded out into a double play and the Phillies would lose the first game of the series.

After that game I was deeply depressed and if I was able to drink I definitely would have.

The Phillies would come back with an offensive punch in the next two games and leave the west coast trip feeling a little better with themselves, Phillies went .500 on the trip.

Both Michael Stutes and Cliff Lee went on the 15 day disabled list when the team was out west, Stutes was pitching with shoulder issues throughout the early part of this season and sometimes that is not such a great idea. Cliff Lee landed himself on the disabled list with a strained left oblique.

Michael Schwimer was called up to replace Stutes in the bullpen.

Hunter Pence did not play in Monday nights game because of a sore left shoulder that he hurt the day before in San Diego, the last thing I wanted to hear and the Phillies wanted to hear is Hunter Pence with an injury that would sideline him. Tuesday afternoon Hunter Pence went and got an MRI on that shoulder, everything must have been okay with it because that night his name was pencilled in the lineup and he blasted a two run home run to right field to top it all off.

We also were able for the first time this regular season to see Chase Utley in the Phillies dugout, he joined the team out in Arizona and was with the team the whole three game series. Chase Utley is however going to stay in Arizona still but he did look pretty good shagging and hitting in batting practice. Please come back Chase.

The Phillies are now back home and ready to embark on a four game home stand before they on the road to face the Atlanta Braves and the Washington Nationals, the Nationals are still trying to take back their ballpark.

The Phillies begin a four game series with the Chicago Cubs tomorrow night at Citizens Bank Park at 7:05 Pm EST. I always like playing the Cubs because they are a pretty pathetically bad team so that means wins for the home team.

I’m going to go sleep for 20 hours now, goodnight folks.

Gameday Preview: Game 19 Phillies vs Diamondbacks

Please get me back home, I have been in way too many hotels on this west coast trip. Some really good and others sadly really poor, but we get to go home after today.

Cole Hamels will take the hill for the Phillies today at 3:40 Pm EST against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

This is the final game of the west coast trip and if the Phillies can pull out victory this afternoon they would go .500 on road trip. A couple of days ago that did not look possible at all.

The Phillies offense will have to face Trevor Cahill, Cahill has a career record of 41-36. Prior to joining the Diamondbacks this year he spent his first three years of his major league career with the Oakland Athletics.

This game will be televised on TCN, 1210 WPHT for radio.

Another hot day in Phoenix today as the high is 93 degrees this afternoon.

Go Phillies!

Phillies Lineup (8-10)

1. Pierre LF

2. Polanco 3B

3. Victorino CF

4. Pence RF

5. Nix 1B

6. Orr 2B

7. Ruiz C

8. Galivs SS

9. Hamels P

Arizona Diamondbacks (9-9)

1. Bloomquist SS

2. Hill 2B

3. Upton RF

4. Kubel LF

5. Ransom 3B

6. Goldschmidt 1B

7. Pollock CF

8.  Blanco C

9. Cahill P

Phillies Find Some Offense in 8-5 Victory

The Phillies really got their offense kick started in the fourth inning tonight off of a two run opposite field home run shot  off of Hunter Pence’s bat, what happen to that hurting shoulder? Three batters later Laynce Nix crushed a ball to right field for a two runs big fly. That would push the Phillies to the early 4-0 lead.

In the last two nights the Phillies have hit two home runs in the same inning.

The Phillies would chalk up some much-needed insurance runs in the top of the seventh inning when Pete Orr cleared the bases with a three run triple.

The Phillies were able to muster up 12 hits tonight and then Vance Worley did his thing out there on the mound.

The Phillies really needed starter Vance Worley to go deep into this game because they really did not have a ton of options out of the bullpen tonight. He did just that by pitching six strong innings on his way to his second win of the season, Worley only gave up one run tonight off of five hits, he also struck out six Arizona batters.

Then Charlie Manuel went to the Phillies bullpen and it really was not pretty, over the course of the next three innings the Phillies used Contreras, Bastardo, Qualls, and Jonathan Papelbon out of the bullpen. Contreras allowed three runs and just did not seem like his command was quite there, Qualls allowed a solo home run in the bottom of the eighth inning but would snap right back and strike out the side to set it up for closer Jonathan Papelbon.

Papelbon would come into the game in the ninth inning and shut it down for his sixth save of the season.

If the Phillies can win tomorrow they would go .500 on this west coast trip, a couple of days ago that looked impossible.

Phillies next game is tomorrow afternoon at 3:40 Pm EST, Cole Hamels will take the hill for the Phillies before they head back home to Citizens Bank Park where there start a three game series against the Chicago Cubs.

Some roster moves right after the game tonight, RHP Mike Stutes was placed on the DL (right shoulder inflammation). RHP Mike Schwimer was recalled from Lehigh Valley to take his place.

Some Other Notes From Arizona 

Chase Utley is with the team this three game series, but once the Phillies conclude this three game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks he will remain in Arizona for some rehabbing.

Ryan Howard’s wound still hasn’t fully healed, his baseball activities have been limited this week, the wound is healing but right now it is very small and still there, so there is still a problemo.

Hunter Pence was back in the lineup tonight, I was pretty shocked when I saw him penciled into the lineup this evening. Pence did not play yesterday because his left arm was bothering him, he injured that left arm on Sunday against the San Diego Padres and had a MRI today. Obviously the results from that were good or at least good enough to play. Hunter Pence said he woke up this morning feel fine.

Cliff Lee has thrown the past couple days, says his strained left oblique is getting better.

Phillies were shorthanded tonight out of the bullpen due to Kyle Kendrick’s three inning clunker yesterday.

Gameday Preview: Game 18 Phillies vs Diamondbacks

The Philadelphia Phillies look to shake off this three game losing skid tonight at Chase Field in Phoenix Arizona against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Phillies will hopefully look to score some runs earlier tonight then last night, the Phillies were shutout and embarrassed until they put together a five run ninth inning last night that included back to back home runs and the first home run with runners on base for the Phillies this year.

The Phillies offense is really making these hack pitchers look like Cy Young’s these past couple of games.

Vance Worley will take the hill for the Phillies tonight and hopefully he pitches a shutout tonight to help this offense, Worley is 1-1 on the year and he picked up that first victory last Thursday in San Diego when he pitched a shutout and the Phillies somehow scored some runs.

The powerful run producing Phillies offense will face Diamondbacks righty Josh Collmenter tonight, Collmenter has started 27 games in his two-year career and has a record of 10-11 an ERA of 3.89. The Phillies offense will probably make him look like an All Star.

This game will be televised on CSN, 1210 WPHT for radio

It is 92 degrees in Phoenix today and a 0 percent chance of rain tonight, the roof will likely be open.

Go Phillies!

Phillies Lineup (7-10)

1. Pierre LF

2. Orr 2B

3. Rollins SS

4. Pence RF

5. Victorino CF

6. Wigginton 3B

7. Nix 1B

8. Schneider  C

9. Worley P

Arizona Diamondbacks (9-8)

1. Parra CF

2. Hill 2B

3. Upton RF

4. Montero C

5.  Kubel LF

6. Goldy 1B

7. Ransom 3B

8. Bloomquist SS,

9. Collmenter P

Injury Updates

Philles general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. released a statement on some injuries today.

      After seeing the wound specialist in Philadelphia yesterday, Ryan Howard’s wound has     gotten smaller and is healing. We’ve been advised to limit his activities for one more week to allow it to continue to heal. We hope that he will be able to re-start his baseball activities thereafter. 

This is really taken a long time to heal and something just does not seem right with this healing process, I’m not a doctor and I will never be one because as a patient you would never want me to perform any type of procedure on you but something is just not adding up here, this healing process is not going well. Will we see Howard back at anytime this season?

Hunter Pence will undergo a precautionary MRI on his left shoulder (non-throwing) here in Phoenix. We hope to have the results later this afternoon.

Hunter Pence hurt his left shoulder in a game on Sunday, Let’s hope he is okay.

Chase Utley was back with the team yesterday in Phoenix, he shagged some fly balls in batting practice and even hit a little before the game. After the Phillies conclude this three game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks Chase will remain in Arizona to continue his rehabbing.

Phillies Lose in the Desert 9-5

The last three Phillies games have been very hard to watch, I even left the stadium tonight before the game was over. I rarely ever leave games but tonight it was just to hard to watch.

When Kyle Kendrick gave up four runs in the first inning you almost knew this game was probably over, then the Diamondbacks would add two more in the bottom of the second to basically seal the victory. The Phillies offense was defiantly not going to pull a New York Yankees and come back from a 8 run deficit.

There was a lot of Phillies fan in Phoenix Arizona tonight and they sure showed Kyle Kendrick some brotherly love after his atrocious innings. Loud boos rained in from the stands at Chase Field as Kendrick exited the game.

When a sinker ball pitcher is not getting ground ball outs you know there is something wrong, Kendrick was not getting those ground ball outs, instead the Diamondback hitters were hitting those balls into the stands.

Phillies pitching allowed a season high 16 hits tonight.

I know this is very shocking to you but guess what? The Phillies offense again could not get anything and I mean anything going tonight, they were just hacking away up there at the plate and it really didn’t work for them tonight. The Phillies are really making these rookie hack pitchers look good this season, dang you would think these pitchers the Phillies are facing are cy young winners but they are the complete opposite of that.

The Phillies made the game a little interesting in the ninth with a five run inning, Shane Victorino hit a three run home run and Carlos Ruiz backed that up with a Solo shot. The Victorino home run was the first home run of the year with runners on base. It felt like a ream in the ninth inning with all of those runs, but Freddy Galvis woke me up from the dream when he grounded into a double play to end the Phillies rally.

Phillies are now 3-5 on this west coast trip and have two games left before they head back to Philadelphia.

Phillies have now lost the last three games and are now three games under the five hunderd mark 17 games into the season.

The Phillies next game is tomorrow night at 9:40 Pm EST, Vance Worley will take the hill and he will basically have to pitch a shutout for the Phillies to have a chance at the win, so no pressure Vanimal.

Some Other Notes From Arizona

Chase Utley was back with the team today, shagged some balls in batting practice and even hit a little. Utley looked good out there and lively. Chase Utley will stay in Arizona and will not travel back to Philadelphia after Wednesdays game.

Hunter Pence was not in the lineup tonight because of a bruised left arm he suffered yesterday in the 6-1 loss to the San Diego Padres, he is day-to-day but he will be going to see some doctors to see the extent of the injury, so more to come on that.

Gameday Preview: Game 17 Phillies vs Diamondbacks

The Philadelphia Phillies look to end there two game losing streak tonight at 9:40 Pm EST in Phoenix Arizona at Chase Field against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Skipper Charlie Manuel again pencils in a different looking lineup tonight in Phoenix.

The slumping Hunter Pence will sit tonight, Pence is in a 0-for-15 funk. Skipper Charlie Manuel also said Pence is dealing with an arm injury, Pence hurt it last week when he ran into the fence in San Francisco.

Cliff Lee was the scheduled starting pitcher for tonight a week ago but since he went the DL Kyle Kendrick the long man out of the bullpen will take the hill for the Phillies tonight.

Wade Miley will pitch for the Diamondbacks tonight, he has only started seven game in his short career thus far, in those seven games he had a record of 5-2 and an ERA of 4.25.

Some good news today at the ballpark was Chase Utley was shagging some balls and hitting in batting practice.

Can the Phillies have an offensive miracle tonight and score more than one run?

Go Phillies!

Phillies Lineup (7-9)

1. Pierre LF

2. Polanco 3B

3. Rollins SS

4. Wigginton 1B

5. Victorino CF

6. Ruiz C

7. Mayberry Jr. LF

8. Galvis 2B

9. Kyle Kendrick P

Arizona Diamondbacks (8-8)

1. Parra CF

2. Hill 2B

3. Upton RF

4. Montero C

5. Kubel LF

6.  Ransom 3B

7. Overbay 1B

8. McDonald SS

9. Miley P