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Phillies Roster Moves

The Phillies made some changes to their bullpen today in hope of fixing this arson squad of a bullpen.

Mr. Michael Schwimer was the first person to break the story on his twitter account.






Way to beat the beat writers Schwimer.

Jake Diekman, Raul Valdes and Hector Luna were all called up today to the big club.

Ryan Lawrence of the Delco Times extended a little on this topic.






If all of these moves are correct, these are good moves because the Phillies really needed to do something to the horrid bullpen out there, just can’t keep blowing these games late. It has to be at about eight to nine games the bullpen has completely blown this year and that just can’t happen.

If you blow games early we will never see the fifty million dollar reliever.

What’s the Problemo?

Why do the Phillies suck so much right now? Is it the bullpen? Is it the offense? Is it aging players? Is it the injuries that have plagued the team so far this season? Or is it a combination of a few of these things or a combination of all of them?

It has been an ugly season thus far and last night may have been the worst Phillies game I have  ever witnessed. Last nights game followed the script of games earlier in the season, Phillies score first, the starter pitches a great game, in the end the bullpen blows the game and washes away the win we once had and leaves us with a bitter taste in are mouth or a bunch of empty bottles of rum.

I really hope the problem with this Phillies team is the injuries of Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, but the more I watch this team I just really think the bullpen is likely the culprit of all of this pain. This may be the worst bullpen in the major leagues, as of right now they have the worst ERA in the league. When you pay a closer 50 billion dollars you have to use him, but the bullpen is blowing the games before we can ever get to Jonathan Papelbon. I really hope we can find someone who can get us through the seventh and eighth innings very quickly because we are just blowing games right and left as of right now, hopefully we find someone in our farm system that can just dominate (highly unlikely). The offense has its problems at times pushing across runs, especially late in these ball games but the bullpen is blowing these games and the offense as no chance to even score runs. Even if the Phillies pulled out to a 6 nothing lead I would not be confident at all.

I love seeing a guy that we paid 50 billion dollars just sitting in the bullpen as we blow three run leads, we have to get through these seventh and eighth innings or this season is just a waste. This bullpen is not even facing offensive powerhouses like the New York Yankees or the Texas Rangers. They have blown these games against the Mets, the Mets suck plain and simple.

It’s just really sad to see Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels pitch incredible games only to get washed away because of the amateur bullpen we have out there. Why would Cole Hamels want to resign with the Phillies if the bullpen can’t back up his awesome games? I sure wouldn’t if I was him, Hamels gives up one run through seven innings only to have his win taken away because the bullpen is a complete utter disaster.

I really hope Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. works his magic at the trade deadline again like he has done in the past. We need a setup guy or at least a pitcher that is able to produce outs, if we don’t have that expect us to not even make the playoffs. With what I’m watching right now I’m preparing myself for the Phillies not even making the playoffs, even with the commissioner making more spots for teams to make into the playoffs the Phillies will not make it with the product they are putting on the field right now. The problem is who do we even have that is tradeable?

Even when Ryan Howard and Chase Utley come back we still have major issues, Howard and Utley will likely never be the same player. It’s very depressing typing that but there are just never going to be the same. Chase Utley is going to have these knee problems the rest of his career and Howard is not getting any younger right now. I really just started to shed a tear typing that statement but it’s a reality. It’s a very sad reality.

I will throw in a positive note in here because this so far has been very negative, once Chase Utley and Ryan Howard are plugged back in lineup this team is better, much much very much better. Gosh if we didn’t have Howard and Utley looming on the horizon this could be a really horrid season.

One more positive note is that the offense has actually hit over this past series, everyone was complaining about the lack of offense which everybody was right about that. But now all of that complaining has shifted to the bullpen, offense starts hitting and the bullpen starts blowing. Go Figure!

Last year right at this time everybody was expecting the Phillies to win the world series, a year later the Phillies have a record of 14-18 and sit dead last in the National League East Standings. What a difference a year makes.

I remember being ecstatic last year at this time a year ago, now I’m frustrated to the limit of my head exploding.

The season is not over just yet, but it’s not looking good as of right now.

What is the problem with this Phillies team, feel free to email me or leave a comment in the section down below on your opinion of what is the culprit of the Phillies problems as of right now.

Is this season doomed?