Hamels Suspended Five Games

I guess we should reward people who lie after games and penalize players for telling the truth, or just get rid of post game interviews so people can’t throw out the truth to the media.

Cole Hamels was suspended five games today by Major League Baseball for saying he intentionally hit 19-year-old Bryce Harper with a 93 mph fastball.  “It’s just, ‘Welcome to the big leagues,’” Hamels said. “I was trying to hit him. I mean, I’m not going to deny it.”

So everybody should never come out and say the truth, we should all lie everyday.

Jordan Zimmermann pitcher for the Washington Nationals hit Cole Hamels with a pitch later in the game, but Zimmermann lied after the game so he will not be punished with a five game suspension.

If Hamels begins his suspension tonight he would not miss a start because of the day off on Thursday. Hamels was also fined, no word on an appeal yet.



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5 thoughts on “Hamels Suspended Five Games

  1. The Nats GM Rizzo called Hamels “fake tough” but — disclosing the fact I’m Phillies fan — I feel the description could also apply to him. After all, Rizzo can talk all he wants; he doesn’t risk getting drilled the next time he comes to the plate because he’s not on the field. Harper isn’t talking. Instead, he took the hit classy and got his revenge classier: stealing home against Hamels. And Hamels took his plunking and his suspension without making a lot of noise about it.

    • yeah I have to agree with you on all of these, Rizzo just sits up in his box all game and never will ever get beaned by a ball. Hamels is just going to be silent with this now.

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