Hamels Eight Innings Strong, Phillies bats show up for Once

The Phillies silenced the Natitude tonight in a 9-3 victory, Cole Hamels pitched wonderful.

The Nationals picked up an early run in the bottom of the first inning by some great base running from Bryce Harper, he was on third base and he basically stole home on an attempted pick-off play to first. Just the luck of this Phillies season.

The Phillies bats got going in the top of the fourth inning, the Phils scored three runs in the inning, two off of a Hunter Pence home run and one more off of a Placido Polanco RBI single up the middle.

Cole Hamels pitched a pretty marvelous game as usual, I always have liked watching Hamels pitch and I sure hope we can sign him long-term. Hamels pitched eight strong innings and only allowed one run off of five hits. Hamels even ¬†got a hit in the game and drawed a walk. Maybe Hamels should bat in this lineup every night, he was more productive than some these Phillies bats I see on other nights. Don’t take that last sentence seriously guys.

The Phillies would push across six insurance runs in the top of the ninth inning to basically give the Phillies the victory and silence the Natitude. Hunter Pence hit his second home run of the game in that outburst of an inning.

Brian Sanches pitched the ninth inning for the Phillies and thank goodness we had a big lead because it was a little shaky out there for the reliever. He allowed two runs but would eventually get the final out of the inning and give the Phillies their fourth victory of the year.

Former Phillie Jayson Werth left the game in the top of the sixth injury with what looks like a wrist injury. He was trying to dive for a ball and he hurt the wrist on the play. It was a really hard replay to even watch.

The ESPN network I think wants to have a make out session with Bryce Harper or have some alone time with him. The three idiots in the broadcasting booth were foaming of the mouth about him all game long. I was about to throw up or I was going to throw my tv in the pool.

The Phillies next game is tomorrow night against the New York Mets, this will begin a six game home stand for the Phillies. This home stand the Phillies will play the New York Mets, San Diego Padres and the Houston Astros. Perfect teams for this offense to maybe get the bat on the ball and chalk up some runs.

Some Other Notes

Ryan Howard is progressing well in Florida. Is expected to intensify workouts this week, Which means hitting, running and weight-bearing exercises.

Kyle Kendrick will once again return to the bullpen because Cliff Lee is back in the starting rotation and will start Wednesday against the New York Mets.

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