Injury Updates

Philles general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. released a statement on some injuries today.

      After seeing the wound specialist in Philadelphia yesterday, Ryan Howard’s wound has     gotten smaller and is healing. We’ve been advised to limit his activities for one more week to allow it to continue to heal. We hope that he will be able to re-start his baseball activities thereafter. 

This is really taken a long time to heal and something just does not seem right with this healing process, I’m not a doctor and I will never be one because as a patient you would never want me to perform any type of procedure on you but something is just not adding up here, this healing process is not going well. Will we see Howard back at anytime this season?

Hunter Pence will undergo a precautionary MRI on his left shoulder (non-throwing) here in Phoenix. We hope to have the results later this afternoon.

Hunter Pence hurt his left shoulder in a game on Sunday, Let’s hope he is okay.

Chase Utley was back with the team yesterday in Phoenix, he shagged some fly balls in batting practice and even hit a little before the game. After the Phillies conclude this three game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks Chase will remain in Arizona to continue his rehabbing.

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