San Diego Bound

In a few hours I will board a train to San Diego to see my first Phillies game of the year, I have tickets to all four games at Petco Park in San Diego.

San Diego is such a beautiful city and I truly recommend it to anybody looking to travel to a great city, the weather is always perfect and there is so much to do in San Diego you really can’t fit it into one trip, so we keep coming to San Diego every time the Phillies come out west to play the Padres.

Petco Park is one of the coolest stadiums in the major leagues to go see a ball game, the stadium is right downtown in the Gaslamp district where there is a ton of restaurants and bars you can go and get a drink or some food before the game, so far this season you need a lot of drinks to watch these Phillies play. When you’re in Petco Park you have a beautiful view of downtown San Diego. They could sell out games every night if the Padres were ever able to put a good product out on the field, I really can’t name a Padres baseball player right now and that is why the stadium is more then half full most of the time, okay maybe just one but after that there is a lot of unknowns out there on the field for the Padres. It is almost like a triple A team out there, someday this team might be good but for right now it’s still a work in progress.

Hopefully by me going to these next four games will spark the Phillies offense just a little bit and they can leave San Diego with a winning record, which I think they can do because the Padres are just really horrible right now.

The Phillies have always had great success at Petco Park in the last couple of years and hopefully that can continue this weekend and if it doesn’t I’m not going to be a happy camper.

Vance Worley pitches later this evening

Cole Hamels on Friday

Roy Halladay on Saturday

Joe Blanton on Sunday afternoon


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