Phillies Lose Opening Series To Pirates

The Phillies again acquired the early lead at PNC Park in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania today off of a Hunter Pence RBI double down the left field line, Pence batted the only run in for the Phillies yesterday in the first inning also. Hunter Pence also hit the first home run of the year for the Phillies in the top of the fourth inning, it was a hanger and he hit it to the deepest part of the ball park, in left center field, it is a relief to get that out-of-the-way.

Vance Worley took the hill today for the Phils, he was pitching a scoreless ballgame through the first four innings until Pedro Alverez crushed a solo home run to right field to cut the Phillies 2-0 lead in half, he hit the ball so far it went over the right field bleachers and almost into the river. Worley would pitch six innings strong and only allow one run off of 5 hits, it turned out that the bullpen was the source of the problems again today.

I watched the game until about the top of the eighth inning and then I had to split to go to my family’s house for our Easter get together, I’m sure glad I did not stick around to see the end of the game because I would not have been one happy camper at all

I thought for sure we had todays game won after Juan Pierre batted in two runs off of a single to right field, Pierre who was in the lineup today starting in left field for the first time this season. But I also thought we had yesterdays game won too but again I was wrong, it was just one disappointing opening day weekend and I have sure seen too many walk offs at PNC Park. I always hate it when the Phillies play at this park, it just seems like we can never win there.

Pirates produced a rally after Ty Wigginton dropped a ball while playing first after pitcher Antonio Bastardo struck the batter out, that play would spark a rally and the Pirates would eventually score two runs in the inning and pull within one of the Phillies, then the Phillies bullpen blew the game later on.

This bullpen has blown the last to ballgames for the Phillies, our starting pitchers have pitched great ball games but then the relievers blow it. I was sort of worried about this going into the season and now I’m seeing that there is a problem, other than closer Jonathan Papelbon at the end of the Phillies bullpen who can get us through those 7th and 8th innings? So far nobody can and that’s not a good situation.

It just seems like every team in Major League baseball has that one team that they can never beat, that team for the Phillies is the Pittsburgh Pirates. Ever since Pittsburgh built this brand new beautiful ballpark the Phillies have completely stunk it up when we travel to the Steel city. I really don’t know why this happens but it seems like this happens to a lot of clubs where they just can never beat that one team, but that is sports for you.

Well at the end of the first weekend in Major League baseball for the Phillies we come out of it with one win, Roy Halladay pitched a great game on Thursday and pitched all the way to the eighth inning and then allowed Papelbon in the ninth to shut it down to collect the save.

Offense still is a problem we are going to have to deal with this year, Phillies only produced five hits today. Not a lot of runs scored over this weekend either.

Just a quick sidenote here, I really dislike fans waving their teams flag the entire game when you have really nice seats, I was watching the game on tv and right behind home plate this idiot Pirates fan was waving here stupid flag the entire game, seriously get a life.

Phillies head back home now to Philadelphia for tomorrows home opener against the Miami Marlins, Cole Hamels gets the nod to start the home opener. This game will be at 1:05 Pm EST.

See you in a little bit Philly

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