2012 Phillies Payroll

The Phillies have one of the highest payrolls in Major League Baseball but you have to spend to win. One reason the Phillies can spend so much money is because all of the sold out games at Citizens Bank Park.

Now the Phillies used to be known as a cheap disloyal organisation but now they are one of the highest payrolls in Major League baseball. Many fans and people are worried about the future because there is just so much money put into this team right now.

Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. talks about the Payroll

“It’s high, huh? Amaro said with a smirk.

“The reason why it’s so high is because of the support we’ve had,”. “We said it from the beginning: Way back when, when we enjoyed the revenues we’ve been able to enjoy from our ballpark, that we’d put it back into payroll. We’ve done that and then some, frankly. And we’ve overindulged in some ways. I’ve said it before: if I can’t put a championship caliber club on the field with over a $170 million payroll, then I’m not doing my job very well.”

For the past five years the Phillies have had a championship caliber team, Won the championship in 2008 and made it back to the world series in 2009. The last two years the Phillies have been knocked out of the playoffs. Last year the Phillies just went cold and lost to the Cardinals.

Now some worries for the Phillies.

I’m just slightly worried about Cole Hamels. If you Cole asks for too much money he is likely gone. The Phillies also need to sign Shane Victorino this next offseason.

Cole Hamels wants a Cliff Lee contract. Cliff Lee is getting paid $120 million for five years, This is a great contract for Cliff Lee but for Cole Hamels not so much. Cliff Lee was dominating the game while pitching on really really bad teams. Cole Hamels had a really great year last year but his past years have not been as good. Hamels has also been pitching for a great team his whole career so he should have a better record.

Cliff Lee has a career record of (119-69) Cole Hamles has a career record of (74-54)

Does he deserve the same contract has Cliff Lee ? not even close.

Hopefully Cole Hamels comes in and asks for a reasonable contract of about 85 million total for about five years. If he wants a Cliff Lee contract he can just let the door hit him on the way out.

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