Ryan Howard injury update

Phillies Big Piece Ryan Howard will now have a late start to spring training because of his injury.

Ryan Howard had a procedure on Monday to try an clear out the infection around the sutures in his surgically repaired Achilles tendon. Head athletic trainer for the Phillies Scott Sheridan said the infection was cleaned out and Howard will now be treated with antibiotics.

Sheridan would not say when Howard could resume baseball activities but I really think it could be close to the end of spring when we say Howard back out there.

“The things Ryan had been doing were very good,” trainer Scott Sheridan said. “We’re hoping we can kind of move forward from here and that it won’t push us back too much.”

“I don’t prefer to use that word (setback),” Sheridan said. “I think that we never established a particular time frame for him, and right now it’s one of those things that happens in the rehab process and we’ll have to move forward from there.”

“That was our biggest concern going into this and that was one of the things during the procedure that he did confirm,the Achilles tendon is intact and not compromised,” Sheridan said. “That’s great news.”

Howard had been fielding ground balls, slightly jogging, and taking batting practice but that will all be sidelined for Howard until this injury has healed.


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