Howard due back to camp today

Ryan Howard, who left camp this past weekend is expected back in Clearwater today. Ryan Howard left camp this past week to have his surgery repaired Achilles examined by Dr. Mark Myerson in Baltimore MD.

Phillies would not give any comment on the examination until Howard came back to camp, so by the end of the day we should  have some more Knowledge on Howard’s injury.

The open wound that Howard has developed his not considered too serious, but the Phillies just wanted to make sure so they sent him to Baltimore to be examined. If you were paying someone that much money you would defiantly want a lot of people’s opinions on the healing process of his injury too.The skin over the Achilles is notorious for not healing well said Head Phillies athletic Trainer Scott Sheridan.

Ryan Howard has been doing really well so far this spring training by taking batting practice and doing some slight fielding.

The Phillies play their first game of spring training today against the Florida State Seminoles at 1:05. This game is at Phillies home spring training field Bright House Field.

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