Game Summary: Phillies beat Florida State 6-1

Austin Hyatt started for the Phillies today and he pitched two scoreless innings and struck out 3. Hyatt did not allow a hit in those two innings.

First hit of the ball game came in the bottom of the third when  Tuffy Gosewisch of the Phillies hit a double off the wall. The Phillies would threaten in the bottom of the third but would strand two runners.

Jimmy Rollins played two innings and was replaced by Freddy Galvis.

Hunter Pence led the bottom of the fourth  with a lead off double for the Phillies but again the Phillies would not get a run out of it.

Florida State got their first hit of the game in the top of the 6th with a leadoff single from Stephen McGee. Florida state would threaten with first and second in the top of the 6th but the Phillies would get out of the inning without allowing a run. The Phillies would again threaten in the bottom of the sixth with the bases loaded and capitalise this time.

The Phillies would get on the board first with a Podsednik RBI single in the 6th that brings Tyson Gillies home with the first run of the game and of spring training. Florida State would get out of the inning only allowing one.

Phillies lead 1-0 going into the top of the seventh.

Jim Thome’s first at bat this spring was a strikeout.

Seminoles would threaten in the top of the seventh with first and second and no outs. Florida State would tie it up on a wild pitch.

Phillies would take the lead 2-1 in the bottom of the seventh off of a RBI single from Erik Kratz. Phillies load the bases with nobody out in the bottom of the seventh. The Phillies would open up to 6-1 lead after a fielders choice, a balk, and a home run.

The first home run of spring training for the Phillies is from Hector Luna, hit a two run shot to left field.

Phillies beat Florida State 6-1.

Next game is Saturday against the New York Yankees at 1:05.






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Ryan Howard injury update

Phillies Big Piece Ryan Howard will now have a late start to spring training because of his injury.

Ryan Howard had a procedure on Monday to try an clear out the infection around the sutures in his surgically repaired Achilles tendon. Head athletic trainer for the Phillies Scott Sheridan said the infection was cleaned out and Howard will now be treated with antibiotics.

Sheridan would not say when Howard could resume baseball activities but I really think it could be close to the end of spring when we say Howard back out there.

“The things Ryan had been doing were very good,” trainer Scott Sheridan said. “We’re hoping we can kind of move forward from here and that it won’t push us back too much.”

“I don’t prefer to use that word (setback),” Sheridan said. “I think that we never established a particular time frame for him, and right now it’s one of those things that happens in the rehab process and we’ll have to move forward from there.”

“That was our biggest concern going into this and that was one of the things during the procedure that he did confirm,the Achilles tendon is intact and not compromised,” Sheridan said. “That’s great news.”

Howard had been fielding ground balls, slightly jogging, and taking batting practice but that will all be sidelined for Howard until this injury has healed.


Howard due back to camp today

Ryan Howard, who left camp this past weekend is expected back in Clearwater today. Ryan Howard left camp this past week to have his surgery repaired Achilles examined by Dr. Mark Myerson in Baltimore MD.

Phillies would not give any comment on the examination until Howard came back to camp, so by the end of the day we should  have some more Knowledge on Howard’s injury.

The open wound that Howard has developed his not considered too serious, but the Phillies just wanted to make sure so they sent him to Baltimore to be examined. If you were paying someone that much money you would defiantly want a lot of people’s opinions on the healing process of his injury too.The skin over the Achilles is notorious for not healing well said Head Phillies athletic Trainer Scott Sheridan.

Ryan Howard has been doing really well so far this spring training by taking batting practice and doing some slight fielding.

The Phillies play their first game of spring training today against the Florida State Seminoles at 1:05. This game is at Phillies home spring training field Bright House Field.

Ryan Howard now has a twitter

The big piece has joined twitter. His twitter handle is @RyanHoward6

Confirmed by Jimmy Rollins twitter  “Big Piece finally got on twitter I see!!! Welcome homeboy”

Howard’s first two tweets

“What up everybody. To answer your question: it is who you think it is. Hope everyone is having a great day . God bless”

“Just want to thank all my fans for the well wishes and prayers . Much love much appreciated.”

Tomorrows Phillies Lineup against Florida State

  1. Jimmy Rollins, SS.
  2. Juan Pierre, DH.
  3. Shane Victorino, CF.
  4. Hunter Pence, RF.
  5. Ty Wigginton, 3B.
  6. Domonic Brown, LF.
  7. John Mayberry Jr., 1B.
  8. Michael Martinez, 2B.
  9. Tuffy Gosewisch, C.

Utley and Polanco will not play tomorrow

Austin Hyatt will start tomorrow for the Phillies at 1:05 EST

Phillies vs Florida State Seminoles on Wednesday

Spring training starts off on Wednesday for the Phillies as they play the Florida State Seminoles for the third year in a row. This is the only baseball game on Wednesday and a wonderful chance for College baseball players to play against a historic franchise.

“When you play the Philadelphia Phillies, it creates a memory that will stay with our players forever,” Coach of Florida State Mike Martin.  “This game is just something the young men benefit from.  We are very appreciative to the City of Clearwater and the Philadelphia Phillies organization for inviting us again to participate in this game.”

Florida State will take this game very seriously and the Phillies will probably not take the game too seriously so Florida State will probably win.

Florida State is the 8th ranked team in the country in college Baseball with a 6-1 record.

First pitch will be at 1:05 at Bright house field which is the Phillies Home spring training field.

Ryan Howard to visit foot specialist today

Ryan Howard is visiting foot specialist Mark Myerson today in Baltimore for what I believe is a check up on healing of his injury that he sustained in the final game for the Phillies last year in the playoffs.

Skipper Charlie Manuel said to two reporters Saturday that this infection is “a little setback” in Howard’s overall recovery. If you ask Ruben Amaro Jr. Phillies general manager he says that is not a setback and just a routine checkup.

Phillies Head trainer came out and addressed the situation with Howard.

“The Achilles tendon is notorious for not healing well, the skin over top of it,”  “The Achilles area doesn’t have a great success rate as far as the skin – it some times has break downs and it becomes challenging. That’s not uncommon from the repair. But when things like this happen, that’s why you send him back to who did the surgery and let him evaluate him.” Sheridan said

“We wanted Ryan to go back and see Mark,” “This is a little adjunct to the scheduled appointment, something else to be seen.”

“Basically re-enact how it happened: that’s going to be the challenge, coming out of the box, making that first push, turning, stopping, starting,”

Ryan Howard is still expected to miss the first month of the regular season and if everything goes great Howard should return in May.

Why did the Phillies sign Juan Pierre?

This past offseason the Philadelphia Phillies signed 34-year-old Juan Pierre to a Miner league Contract and a invitation to spring training. Now I really don’t think this was a good signing at all by general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. and the Phillies. Juan Pierre is not the player that batted 305. in 2003 with the Marlins, and not the guy that stole 65 bases in 2003.

In fact Juan Pierre has led the majors in caught stealing seven seasons out of his twelve season career. His defense is straight out horrible and you can’t really put him out in the outfield if you want to win. Juan Pierre can probably not even hit a home run on a little league field, Pierre is a total contact hitter and only has 16 home runs over his 12 year career dating back to 2000.

This is not the 2003 Juan Pierre we are getting, but the 2012 Pierre that is even worse and even more just of a bench player. The Phillies have completely reconstructed their bench, adding Ty Wigginton, Jim Thome and Lance Nix to the team. They have also extended a non-roster Spring Training invitation to former All-Star Scott Podsednik. Phillies bench last year was pretty lackluster.

They can always use Pierre if any of the outfielders get hurt in the middle of the year, but I really don’t want to see his defense.

I really don’t see Juan Pierre helping this ball club at all but I hope he proves me wrong and has a standout season.